Where Is Brittney Griner Vanished? WNBA Star Missing After Arrested News, Is She Still In Jail?

Brittney Griner being vanished after landing in Russia has everyone concerned. She was there to play a basketball league but was arrested on drug charges.

Brittney Griner is a professional basketball player.

She plays for the Phoenix Mercury. Griner, who is considered one of the greatest female basketball players of all time was arrested in Russia after she went to play another season of the Russian league.

With the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, American citizens are worried about her present status. The officials assume that Russia could be using her as leverage in response to the economic sanctions imposed by the West on Russia.

Brittney Griner Vanished: Where Is She Now?

Brittney Griner vanished for weeks only to emerge on the state television with a mug shot. She was arrested for drug charges by the Russian authorities.

Griner’s last sighting before being arrested was at the Sheremetyevo Airport, outside Moscow where she was seen wearing running shoes, black sweatpants, and a black hoodie.

Her final footage sees her sitting in front of a man, shaking her head ‘no’.

Griner appeared on state television afterward.

After being arrested on drug-related charges, Brittney, who flew to Russia for the basketball league in February, remained away from the public attention. Now, the citizens are pressurizing to give the attention her arrest deserves amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Experts and fans have shown their frustration exposing gender inequalities. If the detained player was a man, the case would have been given major coverage.

 Brittney Griner is a lesbian. As per some fans, her detainment has been strangely muted.

WNBA Star Brittney Griner Missing In Russia

Brittney Griner is a 9-year-veteran playing for Phoenix Mercury in WNBA. She was a first overall pick at the 2013 WNBA draft.

She began playing basketball in her high school days.

Griner is a recipient of dozens of awards. The 7*WNBA All-Star Griner witnessed the biggest win of her career in 2014 after Mercury became WNBA champion.

While the 31-year-old had played for Zhejiang Golden Bulls for a year, she signed with the Russian women’s basketball team UMMC Ekaterinburg in 2014 and had been playing for the team in every season.

She was arrested in Russia while going to play for the team in the Russian Basketball league.

Is Brittney Griner In Jail?

Brittney Griner is detained and placed in custody. While she was arrested for the drug charges, she was pleaded not guilty at the Moscow court.

Her detention is extended for 2 months.

Griner was detained at the Sheremetyevo International Airport after the Federal Security Service said she was carrying vaporizer cartridges containing hashish oil.

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