Where Is Brandon Leake From AGT Now? What Does The Alum Do Now?

Brandon Leake is a spoken word poet
Brandon Leake is a spoken word poet ( Source : instagram )

Brandon Leake is a motivational speaker and spoken word poet who has recently released his reading Broken But Beautiful. 

Leake is an educator and poet who has grasped the Golden Buzzer in the talent show America's Got Talent. He is the winner of the 15th season of the show. He has shared his journey with his poetry on his social platform.

In September 2020, he received the grand cash prize. He is the originator of the alliance at Simpson University. In 2012, Leake founded the society for youth through the poet. 

Where Is Brandon Leake From AGT Now? 

Leake is in Stockton, California. He has worked on his new video and posted it on his Youtube channel. Also, the video has got premiered on July 6, 2022.

The singer has made an impression in the release called Broken But Beautiful. He has shared his new album on his social platform. 

In 2017, Leake appeared in the talent show American Got Talent. He has not made his way in that year. The encouragement of the poet has not brokered after getting rejected on the platform. He has made his move to Season 2 in 2021. He drew the attention of the judges with his emotional poem. 

Additionally, Leake has auditioned for his late sister. It was a poem that won the heart of judges, and he received Golden Buzzer from Howie Mandel. Afterward, he had to work hard to win the competition and bring the trophy home. 

The motivational speaker has never lost hope in his decisiveness. Leake has never given up on his passion. Perhaps, the singer has made it back into the talent show. Later, the singer released his new book of poems in March 2022. The poem has named Unraveling. 

Currently, Leake has worked in has recorded poetry special which got streamed on the television network The CW. He has recorded Bardon Leake: A Family Affair. He has made his impression in the entertainment field through various media. 

Brandon Leake Net Worth 2022 Explored

Leake's net worth may range on million. The poet has grasped $1 million after winning season 15 of the AGT. The motivational speaker is active on the Youtube channel. He has got 17.5 k suscriber. Also, from the views, he may earn husky cash.


Moreover, Leake has coordinated with the television channel The CW. He has worked alongside them for his new video in the recording academy. Also, The poet has traveled to an international platform for his performance. He has been to New Zealand, Mexico, and Canada to promote his poetry. 

In addition, Leake has taken a Dark Side Tour for his album Deficiencies: A Tale from My Dark Side. Also, he is a teacher at a daycare center in Brookside school. He works alongside his wife. Also, the poet is the creator and CEO of the association Called to Move. 

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What Does Brandon Leake Do Now?

Leake worked on his motivational videos. He is a poet, educator, and motivational speaker. The speaker is currently the inventor of a company that helps young people through lyricism. He is an academic advisor at San Joaquin Delta College. Also, the poet has worked on his new motivational word.

Furthermore, Leake has released his new motivational video on his Youtube Channel. He has shared various videos to encourage the youth. Also, the season 15 winner has shared his journey to America Got Talent. However, he has ultimately led to the Golden Buzzer moment after his hard work. 

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