Where Is 'Beat Bobby Flay: Holiday Throwdown' Filmed? Hosts and Judges 2022

Beat Bobby Flaydown will be available on Food Network
Beat Bobby Flaydown will be available on Food Network ( Source : foodnetwork )

Beat Bobby Flay: Holiday Throwdown's newest season premieres on November 8 at 9 pm ET on Food Network and Disney Plus. In this six-episode trip, Bobby Flay takes on the ultimate challenge as he competes against the best all-star chefs in the business.

This show has been a staple of Food Network since it debuted on the cable network in 2013. Fans like seeing celebrity chef Bobby competing against a variety of up-and-coming chefs who are specifically chosen by two judges who are out to defeat Flay.

The show format has been increased to three rounds with a team element, and each episode has been lengthened to an hour. Only the strongest cooks in Bobby's worst nightmare will enter THE KITCHEN to take him down.

Where Is 'Beat Bobby Flay: Holiday Throwdown' Filmed?

Holiday Throwdown is a US-based production. The precise filming location has not yet been made public. Previously, Austin, Texas, USA, served as the location for the television program Throwdown with Bobby Flay. Therefore, they may have shot this new show nearby or in the same place.

In many respects, Austin-based filmmakers—and particularly the iconic works of Richard Linklater—have created a siren song for the city. At the same time, he served as the unwitting guardian of the past.

For better or worse, Austin's presence in the film industry has always attracted people to this peculiar area we call home with its brilliance, beauty, eccentricities, and weirdness.

Austin's face has changed in nearly three decades since the debut of the iconic independent film Slacker. This formerly modest hippy retreat has grown into a thriving metropolis, partly because of its appearance in well-known movies.

Who Is The Host In Beat Bobby Flay: Holiday Throwdown?  

During the Thanksgiving cooking competition between Tiffani Faison and Jet Tila in the season premiere, Bobby Flay invites his buddy Scott Conant as the guest host. The winner advances to round two and competes against Anne Burrell.

American celebrity chef Conant also owns restaurants and writes cookbooks. At 11, he enrolled in cooking lessons at the nearby community college and started cooking immediately. He began studying culinary skills at W.F. Kaynor Technical High School when he was 15.

He later attended the Culinary Institute of America (CIA). Conant's internship at the renowned New York City restaurant San Domenico during his time at the Culinary Institute of America significantly influenced the young chef.

Scot Conant is the guest host in Beat Bobby Flay: Holiday Throwdown
Scot Conant is the guest host in Beat Bobby Flay: Holiday Throwdown( Source : foodnetwork )

After graduating, he spent a year in Munich, Germany, to hone his pastry skills at the Hotel Bayerischer Hof. He returned to San Domenico and the United States, where he worked as a sous chef.

Cesare Casella chose him to serve as chef de cuisine at the Upper East Side restaurant Il Toscanaccio in 1995. Later, he rose to executive chef at City Eatery in New York City's Bowery neighborhood.

After publishing The Scarpetta Cookbook, inspired by dishes from the restaurant, Conant went on to establish the Scarpetta brand to critical praise with restaurants in New York City, Toronto, Miami, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas.

Meet Judges Of Beat Bobby Flay: Holiday Throwdown 

Judges have not been mentioned in the show. Here are some Food Network celebrities, nevertheless, who will make an appearance in subsequent episodes.

Anne Burrell, Tiffani Faison and Jet Tila 

In episode 1, Scott Conant invites three of Bobby Flay's closest friends to try a Thanksgiving staple: the humble casserole. The best dishes from chefs Anne Burrell, Tiffani Faison, and Jet Tila are served.

Anne is an American chef, media personality, and former Institute of Culinary Education instructor. She co-hosts the Food Network program Worst Cooks in America and hosts the Secrets of a Restaurant Chef show.

She appeared on other network shows like The Best Thing I Ever Ate and was one of Mario Batali's sous chefs in the Iron Chef America series.

Anne Burrell is one of the guest stars of Beat Bobby Flay: Holiday Throwdown
Anne Burrell is one of the guest stars of Beat Bobby Flay: Holiday Throwdown( Source : foodnetwork )

Tiffani is a Boston-based celebrity chef and restaurateur hailing from the United States. She was a judge on the Food Network program Chopped and has been a finalist for the Best Chef: Northeast James Beard Award four times (2018, 2019, 2020, 2022).

She won the third season of the Tournament of Champions, and Boston Magazine awarded her Boston's Best Chef in 2022. She placed second to Harold Dieterle in the first season of Bravo's reality competition Top Chef, when she was one of two finalists.

The Charleston and Pakpao Thai, located in Los Angeles, California, have Jet Tila as their executive chef. The Dragon Tiger Noodle Co., which has three outlets in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada, was created by Tila. 

Maneet Chauhan, Christian Petroni and Michael Psilakis

Eddie Jackson makes Bobby Flay's kitchen feel like a Thanksgiving game day in episode 2, as chefs Maneet Chauhan, Christian Petroni, and Michael Psilakis tackle loaded meals.

Maneet is an American chef of Indian descent who frequently appears on television. She served as the executive chef of several renowned restaurants in Chicago, Nashville, and New York before joining the Food Network as a judge on Chopped.

She has made appearances on Iron Chef America, The View on ABC, The Next Iron Chef, and as a judge on the Worst Cooks in America finale. Additionally, she took first place in the 2021 Food Network Tournament of Champions.

Maneet Chauhan is one of the guest stars of Beat Bobby Flay: Holiday Throwdown
Maneet Chauhan is one of the guest stars of Beat Bobby Flay: Holiday Throwdown( Source : foodnetwork )

Christian is a famous American chef and restaurateur. He rose to fame in 2018 after sharing the title of Food Network Star's season fourteen grand prize winner (along with Jess Tom).

Michael is most recognized for his Greek cuisine and television appearances on The Best Thing I Ever Ate, Iron Chef America, No Kitchen Required, and Ultimate Recipe Showdown. He has run several well-known eateries in and around New York City and has prepared meals at the White House for President Barack Obama.

Tiffany Derry, Michael Voltaggio, and Brooke Williamson

In episode 3, Giada De Laurentiis decks the halls as triple-threat warriors Tiffany Derry, Michael Voltaggio, & Brooke Williamson try to cram Bobby Flay beneath the tree with some of the toughest holiday delicacies.

Tiffany is an American celebrity chef and restaurateur. She was a former contestant on the Top Chef television series and is well-known for her roles on Cutthroat Kitchen & Hungry Investors (Spike tv). Texas is where she resides.

Tiffany Derry is one of the guest stars of Beat Bobby Flay: Holiday Throwdown
Tiffany Derry is one of the guest stars of Beat Bobby Flay: Holiday Throwdown( Source : eater )

Michael is a well-known American author, restaurateur, and chef. He is a former contestant on the television show Top Chef and the season 6 champion. 

Bryan Voltaggio, another one of his brothers, is a famous chef. He is a resident of California's Los Angeles.

Brooke is an American chef, television personality, and restaurateur. She co-owns Playa Provisions & Company for Dinner with her chef hubby Nick Roberts and is a former contestant on the Top Chef reality television program.

Some FAQs

When will Beat Bobby Flay: Holiday Throwdown premiere?

It will premeire on November 4.

Where can I watch Beat Bobby Flay: Holiday Throwdown?

It will premeire on Disney Plus and Food Network.

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