Where Did Dave Marrs From Home Town Takeover Grow Up?

Dave and Jenny are the host of HGTV show Fixer to Fabulous.
Dave and Jenny are the host of HGTV show Fixer to Fabulous. ( Source : instagram )

Dave Marrs grew up in Kiowa, Colorado. However, Dave currently lives with his wife and children in Bentonville, Arkansas.

Dave Marrs is one of the well-reputed reality stars hailing from HGTV. The star is a huge nams in the home renovation industry and has been working for different families for many years. 

Marrs is an expert craftsman, builder, general contractor, and all-around handyman. He gained his knowledge of working as a builder from his father.

Due to years of experience working with such crafts, his knowledge of restoring old homes is unsurpassed. 

Plus, he is also passionate about bringing the unique qualities of historic homes back to life, which is a bit contagious as his wife Jenny is also quite passionate about these kinds of projects. 

The pair were contacted for the show Fixer to Fabulous in 2018, which they initially thought was a scam.

After realizing that the show was legit, both husband and wife took the helm and started their stardom as reality stars.

Where In Colorado Did Dave Marrs Grow Up?

Dave Marrs grew up in Kiowa, Colorado. Growing up, he had two other siblings to spend his childhood days with. 

The reality star was born on February 26, 1980, in Kiowa and was born as a middle child in his family.

According to Reality Titbit, his family was a military family and his father was one of the high-ranking soldiers in the Army.

Along with his siblings, he attended Kiowa Undivided High School. During his school days, his father had already started working as a builder in carpentry.

So, along with his father, he used to work at his father's workshop on navigating the various tools. His work along with his father included electrical work, framing, trim, carpentry, and building cabins. 

Dave learned everything about building from his father.
Dave learned everything about building from his father. ( Source : instagram )

In 2002, he graduated from college and was offered a job at Newell Brand's Rubbermaid. While at the job, he met his wife Jenney, who was also working in the same institution but in a different department. 

Though the pair got close quickly, Dave's job required him to relocate and travel multiple times. The pair dated long distances even though it was hard. After working for the company for two years, Dave left the job in 2004. 

After leaving his job, he thought about where he should go next. After selecting his destination in Arkansas, he began the pursue the career his father taught him. 

Though he could have failed to establish his business even after going to Arkansas, he still continued with the thought. When he told Jenny about his plan, she didn't question him and took a big leap of faith, continuing to follow him in every path. 

Dave and Jenny Marrs Join The Home Town Takeover Team

Home Town Takeover Fort Morgan has new cast members included for the new season. Fans are excited about the new cast members of the show. 

Home Town is a HGTV show hosted by Ben Napier and Erin Napier. The pair have been hosting the show for some time and have already appeared in more than 80 episodes together. 

Their follow up series Home Town Takeover season 2 just premiered a few days prior which is also taking a high rank in the popularity poll.

But they are not the only ones this time on the show. They have brought friends this time along with them. 

Along with them are the stars of Fixer to Fabulous host, Dave and Jenny Marrs. They have come to renovate the whole town of Fort Morgan, Colorado.

Along with both of them, Dave and Jenny's crew members such as Chase Looney and Chris Latham have joined the project. 

Ben and Erin has called out their friend Dave and Jenny for the new season of Home Town Takeover.
Ben and Erin has called out their friend Dave and Jenny for the new season of Home Town Takeover.( Source : instagram )

Other stars on the HGTV channel such as Ty Pennigton, Jonathan Knight and Jasmine Roth are involved with this new project though they have less screen time compared to the Napier couple and the Marrs couple. 

After their first season at Wetumpka, the couple realized that it would be difficult to renovate an entire town. So, they had to call for extra hands to share their burden of workload with their friends Dave and Jenny. 

Initially, both Dave and Jenny were quite confused about how to work the project out as they had their own production to complete.

The production company had to rearrange their work for the Fixer to Fabulous program schedule. 

Though the decision was hard for the Marrs couple, they were drawn to the project as Colorado was the home state of Dave and after seeing the emotion and energy of Wetumpka, they had to do the hustling. 

Hometown Takeover Season 2 Fort Morgan Colorado

Hometown Takeover season 2 is making its entry at Fort Morgan, Colorado. The first season of the series was shot at Wetumpka and fans loved it. 

Home Town show which was hosted by Ben Napier and Erin Napier has had quite a success as a home renovation show.

So, instead of just revitalizing and restoring some old and historic homes, which were challenging but not enough, HGTV wanted to do something more. 

During their episodes in Home Town, they were lucky to have some experience in transforming the whole town of Laurel, Mississippi.

This transformation helped revitalize the city's downtown while preserving and celebrating the town's charming and treasured historic features. 

The new season of Home Town Takeover premiered on Sunday.
The new season of Home Town Takeover premiered on Sunday.( Source : twitter )

Now, expanding its horizon, HGTV launched a nationwide call to find towns that could use the experience of Home Town to take over a single town and transform it into something more exciting and beautiful than before. Though the population of the town had to be less than 40,000. 

With the tremendous success of season 1 which was launched in Wetumpka, Alabama, the network is going for another season at Fort Morgan, Colorado. 

Thousands of submissions were received by HGTV, and they selected Fort Morgan out of thousands of applications.

According to the Nappier couple, they were not involved with the selection process and were quite happy about it. 

The new season of Home Town Takeover at Fort Morgan premiered on Sunday, April 23, 2023, at 8 pm EST on HGTV or can be streamed on discovery+.

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