Where Are The Backrooms On Google Earth? Creepy and Scary Coordinates Revealed

Backrooms coordinates can be found on Google earth that lead to creepy places on the internet
Backrooms coordinates can be found on Google earth that lead to creepy places on the internet( Source : streetviewfails )

Backrooms Google Earth coordinates are 34°42'03”N 135°49'16”E. These room indicate never ending vacant office buildings in Japan.

People on the internet have found a new way of amusing each other and freaking out people. The trend started with people searching on Google Earth and Google Maps to find unrealistic places. 

The new trend has been named Backrooms on Google Earth. An internet user posted a video of a place in Nara Japan, where the toggled street view takes people inside a never-ending vacant office space.

Besides the backrooms, the internet is also obsessed with creepy and scary things on google maps via the google earth coordinates.

Where Are The Backrooms On Google Earth?

The Backrooms on Google Earth are open spaces that can be traced on Google Earth through certain coordinates. 

One curious user found a weird place in an abandoned waterpark in Nara, Japan. 

The supposed Backroom can be accessed by placing the street view icon at a specific point in the waterpark. But once you enter the Backroom, you cannot come out according to News 18. 

If you have watched The Matrix, all three parts, then you definitely have a concept of backrooms or backdoors, the alleged video of Google Earth's backroom is also very similar. 

However, the video is said to have been taken down by Google at the moment and is no longer accessible. Other people have also laid claims of finding such places in different parts of the world on Google Earth. 

Critics have dismissed the claims and are saying the video has been tampered with. They have also said no such place exists on Google Earth. 

Google Earth Backrooms Coordinates On Google Maps

Google Earth Backrooms coordinates are 34°42’03”N 135°49’16”E, or you can view it on Google Earth

You can use to coordinates on Google Maps as well to find the abandoned park in Nara, Japan. 

While the coordinates take to a place where two huge cylindrical buildings are seen, there is no sign of the alleged never-ending office space that is being showcased on the internet.

In fact, as shown in the video, one cannot access a street view near the big cylindrical building. However, if you are curious then you can have a look yourself. 

Google Earth Backrooms Footage Found Online

Google Earth Backrooms footage is being circulated online. 

We can also see footage on google maps when we visit the 34°42’03”N 135°49’16”E coordinate. 

The photograph shared in the coordinate shows a pale yellow maze-like structure but is totally different from the image advertised earlier. 

In the initial video shared online, we can see a huge hole in the ground covered in endless office spaces but with lights turned on, frankly, the video is quite creepy to look at.

Google Earth Creepy and Scary Coordinates

Google Earth creepy coordinates are 44 24’46.22,” N, 7 76’88.63″ W and 52.376552,5.198303 to name a few.

From Martha Chapel Cemetery in Texas to a flying spaceship in Romania, there are many coordinates that lead to unusual and seemingly creepy locations throughout earth.

While some internet users like to believe them as real, the majority of the users are convinced that the creepy and scary status of these places is due to low-resolution images from Google Earth.

The following are some of the creepy coordinates that can be found on Google Earth:

  1. 52.376552,5.198303 - Dead body on a Dock in Netherlands
  2. 44 24’46.22,” N, 7 76’88.63″ W - A giant pink bunny in Italy
  3. 34°42'03”N 135°49'16”E - Backrooms in Japan

Besides, there are also many other locations throughout Google Earth that will lead you to find scary and unusual structures on the internet.

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