When Is Farrah Aldjufrie Wedding To Fiance Alex Manos? Her Net Worth 2022

Farrah Aldjufrie and Alex Manos are all set to get married.
Farrah Aldjufrie and Alex Manos are all set to get married.( Source : bravotv )

The oldest daughter of Kyle Richards, Farrah Aldjufrie is planning a wedding to fiancé, Alex Manos next year. They got engaged on November 28 last year. 

Kyle has been sharing some behind-the-scenes facts regarding the wedding preparations with the family, including the guest list and the location information.

The future husband of Farrah shared a beautiful snapshot of the duo while gushing about his future bride on Instagram. Alex captioned his photo with the phrase "Got engaged to my closest friend slash ride or death" and a heart emoji. Can't wait to be your wife," Farrah kindly commented in response. This was all a day after their engagement. 

Now it's almost a year to the grand ceremony, and fans cannot wait to get insights into their wedding plans. We hope that this is turning out even larger than life and dreamy for the viewers.

When Is Farrah Aldjufrie Wedding To Fiance Alex Manos?

Farrah Aldjufrie is planning her wedding to fiance Alex Manos in the spring of 2023.

Kyle Richards has been sharing some behind-the-scenes facts regarding the wedding preparations with the family, including the guest list and the location information.

The Halloween Ends actress shared that Farrah and Alex have not yet selected a date for their wedding but are considering holding it in the spring during Part 2 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion. She also described the couple's plans for the big day.

They want to get married somewhere in the desert close to our La Quinta property because they frequently visited it during their courtship, according to Kyle. This is an insider on the most we know about the Aldjufrie and Manos's union. 

Given that she attended her cousin Paris Hilton's wedding as a bridesmaid, Farrah undoubtedly had weddings on the brain then.

Farrah and Alex got a house together.
Farrah and Alex got a house together.( Source : bravotv )

Farrah shared pictures from the wedding on Instagram a few days before she announced her own engagement, writing, "Still feeling the beauty of #foreverhiltonreum: @germanlarkin @josevilla @chelsealaurenla."

As for Farrah's mother, she and Mauricio Umansky recently marked 25 years of marriage. Earlier this month, Kyle and Mauricio discussed their long-lasting marriage's secret with ET. According to Kyle, they've learned to simply be even more protective of their relationship and enjoy it.

Now, we hope the couple doesn't delay it more and gives their fans good news soon.

Farrah Aldjufrie and Alex Manos Net Worth In 2022

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills viewers would be aware of Kyle and her daughter Farrah's tight relationship. Fans have even witnessed Farrah's development. As she announced her engagement, 33-year-old Farrah is now ready to move on to the next significant phase of her life. Everyone is curious to know how rich her to-be husband is. 

Both Farah and Alex have a strong background in terms of education, family, and wealth. So, let's see the net worth of the two in number and find out who is more affluent. 

Farrah Aldjufrie Net Worth

In her capacity as a real estate agent, Farrah Aldjurie has a $5 million net worth as of 2022. She has sold a number of lavish properties in Southern California.

After finishing first in her class at Beverly Hills High School, Farrah enrolled at New York University to pursue a degree in psychology. She went back home two years later and changed schools to the University of Southern California. She eventually earned a psychology bachelor's degree with a business minor.

Farrah Aldjufrie will appear in Netflix's Buying Beverly Hills
Farrah Aldjufrie will appear in Netflix's Buying Beverly Hills( Source : bravotv )

Kyle's oldest child is a representative for the Mauricio Umansky real estate company in Los Angeles. Additionally, she works in her own office right next to her stepfather, who serves as both her best supervisor and mentor.

She has always been interested in real estate since she was little. For the first eight years, Aldjufrie was the only child, and she spent a lot of time with them.  She doesn't care about the other family company, though. A career in the film industry is pursued by her mother, aunt Kim Richards, and cousins Nicky and Paris Hilton. Farrah has no ambition to pursue a career in acting, despite growing up in the spotlight.

But along with her sisters, Farrah frequently made an appearance on The Real Housewives. She once claimed that she is just a little shyer than her mother and that this comes naturally to her. Farrah prefers to work in the background, where she makes a lot of money and enjoys her job.

The stunning woman acquired a magnificent house on her own. She posted the images on Instagram as well. It boasts a raging fire in the modern-yet-cozy living room. A glass sliding wall, a spherical coffee table book, an L-shaped leather couch, and two structural chairs are other features of the living area that make it ideal for guests. She also enjoys driving and has a few collections of classic cars.

Alex Manos' Net Worth

According to HITC, Alex has a net worth of about $60,000. Alex is listed as the founder and president of Beverly Hills Car Club Inc. on his LinkedIn profile.

Alex Manos is 35 years old.
Alex Manos is 35 years old.( Source : beverlyhillscarclub )

Due to Alex's passion for European automobiles, he made the decision to launch this company. Every car I purchase has a backstory, which adds to its attractiveness to an auto collector, he claimed. Like most buyers, I have a tendency to become fairly fixated on obtaining the ideal vehicle, to the exclusion of anything else.

In addition to operating a prosperous business, Alex also has a YouTube channel with over a thousand subscribers. He frequently publishes films on classic autos.

It's been eighteen years of his service in the same company, and it seems like he is planning on doing so forever. Not only is it his source of income, but it also is his way of living.

Who Earns More?

As business professionals, Alex and Farrah definitely have fluctuating earnings. However, when it comes to net worth, definitely, Farrah definitely has the upper hand because of her family background. However, she also has multiple sources of income.  

Alex is over 4 million dollars behind Farrah in terms of wealth.

Alex and Farrah got engaged on 28th November 2021.
Alex and Farrah got engaged on 28th November 2021.( Source : bravotv )

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