Whelm Movie Ending Explained and Review

The movie has been the finalist at the Burbank International Film Festival in 2020
The movie has been the finalist at the Burbank International Film Festival in 2020( Source : instagram )

Whelm movie ending reveals August burying his brother Reed after he is shot in a crossfire. The scene shows a very real and tender moment.

The film is about the depressing time when the United States was trapped in devastating poverty and widespread unemployment,

It shows the decade-long economic crisis that happen in the industrialized world.

Actors like Joh Dillinger, Machine Gun Kelly, Ma Barker, Bonnie, and Clyde play a huge role in the movie.

The story of the film is not just another spinoff of a typical gangster movie. Lawson's film shows the deeper truth of the past times.

It primarily focuses on two Midwest brothers who get into a rivalry between a bank robber and an eccentric young criminal.

The 1 hour 54 minutes long thriller was released in 2019.

Whelm Movie Ending Explained

Whelm movie ends with August burying his brother Reed. Reed is caught in a crossfire after the brother's journey to find the treasure.

The movie continues with a very thrilling storyline. The final parts of the movie show two brothers, August and Reed, going on a dangerous treasure hunt.

The two were hired by an anonymous figure to find the gold hidden in the mountains of Appalachia by a notorious outlaw, Jane Kinchad.

In the final scene, the siblings fight with different competitors and face betrayal before finally reaching the location of the treasure.

But the twist in the story comes when the two were confronted by the employer as he said they were faking the whole scene to set them up.

The employer who has brought a group of armed men reveals that they have been fooled and the mastermind behind it is actually Kincaid's son.

The movie been shown at the movie theater in kankan cinema in Indianapolis
The movie been shown at the movie theater in kankan cinema in Indianapolis( Source : instagram )

Moreover, he is actually taking revenge for his father's demise at the hands of the sibling's grandfather.

A heavy shootout happens and August and Frand manage to take the life of all the men but not before Reed is mortally wounded.

As August mourns the demise of his brother, the villain retrieves the treasure somehow and prepares to leave. But he manages to shoot them before they get away.

The dramatic scene ends with August burying his brother's body and walking far away from it knowing that justice has been served.

Also, shows the great loss to the Midwest brother's family. The drama thriller ended with a heartbreaking tragedy.

Whelm Movie Review and Synopsis

Whelm didn't get a good review from the fans and critics. It just got a rating of 5.5 from 10 on IMDb.

The movie shows the historical reimagining period with a lot to take in from Bank heists, double-dealing, and shootouts all in one story.

There are many films about criminals from that dangerous era but it puts a serious tone on this movie.

The viewers of the movie thought that the performance of the cast was very good. Moreover, Delil Baran and Alexander Alexy stand out from the rest.

film poster for the 35mm roadshow in Plaza Theater
film poster for the 35mm roadshow in Plaza Theater( Source : instagram )

Most of the viewers thought that the story was convoluted but interesting. One viewer also commented that the great cinematography and story make this film a unique genre mash a good watch.

The movie is not just an ordinary go-to story but Lawson's voice and unique style that is refreshing for the viewers.

Whelm Synopsis

The movie is about the era where the outlaws pushed their bloody place in American history. They become the public enemy at some point with most of them having violent fates.

During the height of the Great Depression in the 1930s Indiana, August, and Reed, two brothers, are the subject of the movie.

The two are caught in a conflict between a violent bank robber and a reckless teenage criminal. All become participants in a bigger plan that will push each guy to the edge of their separate precipices.

Some characters in the movie become a hero to the normal public who saw them as "Robin Hood". They stole back from evil bankers and give the money back to those who lost them.

Meet The Cast Of Whelm Movie

Whelm movie cast consists of Francesca Anderson and Delil Baran in lead roles. The supporting actors also did great acting in Whelm.

It shows the super intense acting from the stars. While the cinematography and music are incredible for the viewers to watch.

Delil Baran As Alexander Alesky

Delil acting as a beaten up guy in the movie
Delil acting as a beaten up guy in the movie( Source : delilbaran )

Delil Baran plays the character of Alexander Alesky, who is a violent man. He has endless mysteries which cant be seen through his gentle eyes.

His character and Reed have a very emotional story in the movie, which was a turning point in this film.

The New York-based actor has worked with the finest people in the industry. He is also known for movies like Left Hand and See Through.

Francesca Anderson As Edie

Francesca having breakfast at her work place
Francesca having breakfast at her work place( Source : instagram )

Francesca Anderson plays the character of Edie. She is originally from Bangorm, Maine.

She started her career as a model after finishing her studies at McGill University.

After years of looking for an opportunity in the movie industry and her passion for acting, she got the role in The Sky Queen.

She is active on Instagram with the user handle @frankie_thegirl. She also has her own website where her fans can see the work and photos from her latest projects.

Dylan Grunn As Reed

Dylan enjoying coffee with his wife Rachel
Dylan enjoying coffee with his wife Rachel( Source : instagram )

Dylan plays the character of Reed who is the brother of the character August.

His character finds himself in the middle of a rivalry between a dangerous bank robber and a wild young criminal.

His performance is widely appreciated but the viewers.

He has also been promoting his movie The Retreat on his Instagram.

Ronan Colfer As August

Ronan (second from left) at the screening event of a lone star love at the alamonyc
Ronan (second from left) at the screening event of a lone star love at the alamonyc( Source : instagram )

Ronan plays the character of the bigger brother in the movie who losses his sibling in a fight with villains.

His role in other movies like A lone Star and The Art Thief has been acclaimed by critics and fans.

He has been part of many other short films that were shown in different film festivals.

From his recent updates on his social media, it is known that he has gone to different parts of India to experience the culture there.

His movies have also been selected for Boston and Austin film festivals. He has also been nominated for best actor short film in the golden door film festival.

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