What Was Kai Cenat Arrested For? Twitch Streamer Makes News After Live Stream Goes Viral

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Kai Cenat has been arrested on live stream, and the clip of the incident has gone viral all over social media. People are wondering about the cause of the arrest and the nature of the crime he has been accused of.

Let's find out more about the social media influencer and his viral video of him.

Kai is a big name on all social media platforms, with millions of followers following his content. He makes entertaining videos and also does rap videos. The internet has been taken over with news of his arrest.

People can see his exuberant presence on YouTube and genuine interest in video making. The number of his follower has constantly been increasing as his video has been reaching a large number of people.

What Was Kai Cenat Arrested For?

Kai Cenat has been arrested on live stream, but there is no information about the reason behind the arrest. 

People have been sharing the clip all over the internet and are shocked by the arrest.

There has not been any statement regarding the arrested from the law enforcement department as of now. However, if the arrest has been made, the details about the arrest will certainly be released soon.


Cenat is trending on all social media platforms. In the video, he can be seen talking about recording and stream of the incident, but later his camera fell, and the incident's video can't be seen, only audio.

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Twitch Streamer Arrested On Live Stream Video

As of now, Kai fans most have seen a video of his getting arrested on the live stream. 

This video shocked many people because of all the things that happened so suddenly that people were surprised by that.

People can follow Kai on Twitch, where he goes by the handle name ImKaiCenat and has more than 1.3 million followers. There is no criminal history of his that is known to the public.

More information about his arrest is subject of concern for many fans and well-wishers. People are also worried for his safety and are surprised about the arrest on the live stream.

Charges Against Kai Cenat

The police statement about the arrest of Kai has not been found yet, so there is no answer about the charges that have been pressed against him. The statement from the Police might come soon.

Kai is also big on Instagram, where he goes by the handle name kaicenat, where he has more than 1.4 million. People are tagging him on Instagram with his viral video.

The sources close to him also have not said anything about his recent viral video and arrest so far.

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