What Was Coconut Girl Valued At And What Is Its Net Worth In 2022? Business After Shark Tank

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Coconut Girl's net worth is $1 million after seeking $18,0000 for an 18% share. The company was valued at $900,000 after selling 20% stock in the shark tanks. 

Frankie Yamsuan, a Coconut Girl owner came on Season 11 of Shark Tank to pitch her line of healthy ice cream. Coconut Girl ice cream cookie sandwiches are 100% natural and guilt-free. 

She attended the Shark Tank to ask for $180,000 asking value for an 18 percent share. According to her the funds will be used to achieve efficiency and hire more people. 

Coconut Girl owner Frankie Yamsuan accepted Cuban's offer of $180,000 for a 20% stake in the season 11 Shark Tank episode after an unforeseen bidding competition among Sharks.

What Was Coconut Girl Valued At? 

Coconut Girl's owner Frankie Yamsuan asked for $18,0000 for an $18 percent share in shark tank which valued her company at $1 million. 

After the betting battle among Shark tank judges, the company accepted the bid for $18,0000 for 20% which valued the company at 900,000 dollars in the market. 

Cuban successfully stopped the other Sharks' offers by halting them with the mid-offer and proclaiming his intention to go with Coconut Girl.

It was found out that Yamsuan had desired Cuban as a partner from the beginning. As Cuban tossed more ice cream bars, Yamsuan triumphantly walked out of the Shark Tank.

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Coconut Girl Net Worth 2022

According to Frankie Yamsuan, Coconut Girl is making $120,000 in sales from 30 Wholefoods stores. The actual net worth is yet to be revealed. 

The Coconut Girl owner placed her company at $1 million with a demand of $180,000 for a percent stock share in the shark tank.

Mark Cuban's final sale of $180,000 for 20% of the company reduced its value to $900,000. The value of the company is expected to increase with investment.

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What Happened To It After The Show? 

Coconut Girl was able to gain a co-packer after accepting money and help from Cuban and his team.

This freed up the company to specialize in the marketing function, advertising, and planning of the company, which she enjoyed. 

The nation has been on lockdown caused by the COVID-19 outbreak since the episode was filmed back in March 2020. 

Despite covid outbreaks, Coconut Girl managed to be in business and Whole Foods continues to give their guilt-free desserts in-store and online.

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