Is Josh Gates Jewish Or Christian - What Religion Is The Tv Presenter?

Josh Gates Is An American Television Personality
Josh Gates Is An American Television Personality ( Source : travelchannel )

Josh Gates, the television personality, was born and raised in the Christian religion. He is not Jewish. 

Fans wish him a Happy Birthday on social media. Moreover, the new episode of Expedition Unknown has dropped in, for which viewers showed their excitement. 

What Religion Does Josh Gates Follow?- Is He Jewish Or Christian?

Josh Gates openly states that his experience filming the show Expedition Unknown has challenged his beliefs. He has visited across the world in search of the afterlife. 

The television producer, raised as Episcopalian, followed Christianity when he was growing up. But, he shared that he drifted away from his religion as he got older. However, he said during an interview that he is at the point of his life where he is searching for what is out there. 

Josh Gates Travels World In Search Of The Afterlife
Josh Gates Travels World In Search Of The Afterlife ( Source : amazon )

There had been moments that changed his agnostic beliefs, he added. In the show, he experiences paranormal activities, which many viewers may say is clever editing work. 

However, the presenter is aware of such comments that may come. But, he says that most cultures and religions believe that there is a spirit and a soul and something happens when it leaves one's body. Likewise, some people believe ghosts, angels, and demons exist. 

As he continued to travel and his beliefs changed, he drifted away from Christianity but showed great deference to Hindusim and Buddhism.

Thus, he was born Christian and not Jewish. His religious beliefs are rarely related to either of these religions.

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Who Are Josh Gates Family?

Josh Gates was born in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts. His father is Lee Gates, and his mother is Sonia Gates. His dad was a deep sea diver. 

He started his own family in 2014. He wed Hallie Gnatovich, a co-star in Destination Truth.

Hallie is a licensed therapist and an actress. The two met in the show and started dating each other.

Josh Gates with his former wife Hallie Gnatovick
Josh Gates with his former wife Hallie Gnatovick( Source : celebrity )

The American paranormal reality television series followed Josh, a paranormal investigator, as he travels the globe looking into otherworldly claims, primarily in the realm of cryptozoology.

The couple has two children together named Owen and Isla Gates. But, the pair got divorced in 2021. 

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Josh Gates Ethnicity Details

John Gates belongs to mixed ethnicity. His mother was British, whereas his father was an American. Thus he comes from a British-American heritage. 

But, his nationality is American since he was born and raised there. He studied archaeology and drama at Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts. 

He has roamed across the world in search of mysteries and legends that exist in several cultures. He wroked as the host and co-executive producer on Syfy's Destination Truth and Stranded. He currently hosts, and co-executive produces Legendary Locations and Expedition: Unknown on The Discovery Channel. 

He is also well-known for hosting several live specials for Ghost Hunters and its spinoff, Ghost Hunters International. He also featured as a guest investigator on those shows.

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