Is Matt Gaetz Jewish Or Christian? His Religion Family & Ethnicity Revealed

Matt Gaetz wins the GOP primary
Matt Gaetz wins the GOP primary( Source : nytimes )

American lawyer and politician Matt Gaetz wins the Florida GOP primary despite involvement in multiple controversies, including a recent sex trafficking investigation.

The far-right politician has been a firm Trump supporter and has served as a member of the Florida House of Representatives Fourth District and District 1.

Let us learn more about the republican politician, his religion, family members of the politician, and what ethnicity Matt belongs to in the article below.

What Religion Does Matt Gaetz Follow - Jewish Or Christian?

Matt Gaetz announced that he is a Christian by religion as he extensively talks about the Bible and God in his interviews and campaign. It does not look like he is Jewish, but some Christians critique how Matt perceives religion.

The politician revealed that he was an active member of First Baptist Church in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Matt looks like a typical evangelical leader on the surface, but when you listen closely to his claims, it feels like the politician does not fully understand the religion.

Florida House of Representatives member Matt Gaetz
Florida House of Representatives member Matt Gaetz( Source : americanindependent )

As a Christian, he demands to be prioritized and privileged while calling America a Christian nation. Also, he cites The Bible but does not fully understand the meanings of the writings.

According to Gaetz, The Bible is an instruction book from God that everyone needs to follow faithfully. Matt has been caught up in multiple controversies over time, and while some far-right followers may agree with him, many don't.

The politician also stated in an interview that he believed in Judeo-Christian values. Still, it seems like Matt tries to use his religious values to benefit him to support his arguments.

Matt Gaetz Family

Matt Gaetz comes from an influential family, with his father, Don Gaetz, a Florida politician. Born on May 7, 1982, to father Donald Gaetz and mother Victoria Gaetz, Matt grew up in Florida under the influence of his republican politician father.

After graduating from William and Mary Law School, Gaetz practiced law in private firms for a short time before entering politics in his father's footsteps.

Matt Gaetz with his father, Don Gaetz
Matt Gaetz with his father, Don Gaetz( Source : motherjones )

His father served as a member of the Florida State Senate and later became Senate President, but his solid far-right beliefs got handed down to his son, who had just won the GOP primary.

The republican politician also has a sister named Erin Gaetz, who worked as the director of Jeb Bush's digital content in the 2016 Presidential Campaign.

Ethnicity Of The Republican Politician

Born and raised in Florida, Matt Gaetz belongs to the White ethnicity and holds American nationality. Matt was a former lawyer at the firm Keefe Anchors and Gordon but entered politics in 2010.

Gaetz's political career has been the center of criticism for many reasons, starting with his multiple controversies, with one leading to the Department of Justice opening an investigation on him for sex trafficking.

The former lawyer's views are a little debatable on sensitive topics like gun control, human trafficking, cyber crimes, and many more. Matt has been one of the few republicans and political leaders who voted against some basic rights seeking his benefit.

Allegations against him for having sexual relations with a minor were another massive blow to the Republicans. Despite the controversies and accusations, Matt won the GOP primary in Florida since the people there seem to think of the politician. 

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