Fans Are Convinced Mattea Roach Has A Piercing But Where Is It?

Mattea Roach makes a comeback to Jeopardy with other champions
Mattea Roach makes a comeback to Jeopardy with other champions( Source : instagram )

Mattea Roach on Jeopardy has a septum piercing and she wears a silver septum ring. Roach is coming back for Jeopardy Masters on May 8, 2023.

Mattea made history during her run at Jeopardy as the youngest Jeopardy Champion. She held a 23-day winning streak while on the show.

She is also the most successful Canadian to play Jeopardy on regular seasons.

This May, Mattea is coming back to TV with other champions in Jeopardy Masters. Along with her return the previous champions which includes Amy Schneider and Matt Amadio.

The games will run through May to find the ultimate Jeopardy Champion on NBC network.

Mattea Roach Has Multiple Piercings

Mattea Roach has multiple piercings, which include a septum piercing and ear piercings.

Her modern look with nonchalant confidence has made her a fan favorite quite easily. It helps that she is representing Gen Z on the long-running NBC game show.

Many fans are convinced that she also has a chest piercing, however, she hasn't yet confirmed that particular speculation.

Mattea stood out amongst her competitors not only because of her intelligence. She was confident and cool which is inspiring for many of the young viewers.

The tousle-haired contestant made it through 23 winning games to garner $534,984 in prize money. Her entry into the show also welcomed millions of young viewers who could finally see themselves as a cool nerd.

Mattea quickly became an icon for a
Mattea quickly became an icon for a "cool nerd" among her fans( Source : instagram )

One Twitter user said that her mother let her have her septum pierced after seeing Mattea in Jeopardy. Mattea has managed to become an important part of pop culture in a short period of time with her intelligence.

Her septum ring and earrings are particularly interesting because those aren't qualities we usually associate with someone smart or nerdy. However, Mattea breaks the glass ceiling by introducing a new look.

Fans on the internet was obsessed with her and rightly so. One of her fans mentioned, on Reddit"She’s very weird and very Canadian. But I just find her unbelievably sexy."

Her appearance on social media has further cemented her cool-girl persona.

It will be interesting to see how she will match up with other champions on Jeopardy who are comparatively older than her.

Mattea Addresses Teeth Criticism

Mattea Roach teeth became national news after fans online started noticing and commenting on it. 

The Jeopardy champion admitted that she did not have great teeth. She said to Toronto Life,"I freely admit that I don’t have great teeth: I have a little snaggletooth and my teeth are yellow because I drink a lot of coffee and Diet Pepsi, and I smoke."

The conversation about her teeth started soon after she appeared on the game show. Fans started noticing her teeth and made comments about them.

Mattea admitted to harsh comments about her teeth
Mattea admitted to harsh comments about her teeth( Source : torontolife )

While some fans were just curious, some made some mean comments about them. When asked about she felt about the comments, Mattea answered,"People were awful, saying that my teeth are disgusting. I’m glad I’m not somebody who’s embarrassed by their teeth."

As she prepares to make her come back on Jeopardy, it will be interesting to see what kind of energy she brings this time.

Some FAQs

Does Mattea Roach Have A Nose Ring?

No, Mattea Roach doesn't have a nose ring but she does have a septum ring on her septum piercing.

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