What Kind Of Glasses Does George Alagiah Wear?

George Alagiah is likely to be wearing prescription glasses, he might be treating his issue with a single vision. Similarly, there are also chances for him to be wearing other types of glasses that fit with his prognosis of eye problem. 

Moreover, the audience is talking about his glasses due to the unusual and appealing framing that is unique. The glasses seem to suit with George's personality of being smart and organized. 

Similarly, the exact identification of the glasses including the model and brand name has not been disclosed. George does not seem to have an interest to share his personal information

George Alagiah Health Updates & Illness

George Alagiah is suffering from Bowel Cancer, he is going through a hard time due to the disease. He was diagnosed with the disease and also went thermography on 14 separate occasions. 

Likewise, George is being taken good care of by his wife, relatives, and fans. The fans and his audiences are praying for his positive recovery. George himself wrote on social media that he is back and willing to put more effort into the job. 

At present, Alagiah is remaining positive and patient about his health. He stated that he is in very good health and he is taking prescription medicine advised by the medical specialist. 

George Alagiah Career Detail

George had an aspiring career, the news presenter and journalist joined BBC in 1989, after his seven years in journalism at South Magazine. He has reported on political news, civil wars, the Afghanistan invasion, and the genocide in Rwanda. 

George has started to secure a bigger opportunity by presenting with solo performances on Six O'Clock News. He has also reported the news on BBC World News and BBC Two. 

Furthermore, he has received an Outstanding Television Achievement award at the Asian Awards for his contribution to journalism. Hence, he has made about 315, 000 pounds -319,999 pounds as a BBC reporter.