What Is Hyperventilation TikTok Challenge? Dangerous Thumb Blowing Pass Out Trend Raises Concern

Let's find out about the viral TikTok trend called "Hyperventilation," which has raised concerns among parents, teachers, and doctors.

Teenagers are seen kneeling over their knees and inhaling deeply before abruptly jumping up and blowing out their lips while holding their thumb in their mouth.

Doctors have subsequently issued an urgent warning to youngsters not to participate in the challenge and urged parents to look after what their children are viewing online.

What Is Hyperventilation TikTok Challenge?

Hyperventilation, The TikTok Challenge, is a deadly viral challenge famous among youngsters.

The habit is already spreading among local teenagers, with one Sydney mother revealing details of an incident involving a 13-year-old kid that occurred last week.

Another 12-year-old American child was left "brain dead" after attempting to suffocate himself with a shoelace to participate in the craze. Another 10-year-old Italian girl died as a result of the challenge.

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Thumb Blowing Pass Out Trend Video

Teenagers at a school in St Albans have been advised against playing a deadly game where they hold their breath until they pass out.

To complete the challenge, youths intentionally hyperventilate until they are out of breath and light-headed, then a buddy compresses their lungs by pressing on their chest, causing them to pass out.

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Teachers at Verulam School were compelled to act when some students began to replicate a social media trend known as the "Pass-Out Challenge," "Space Monkey," "The Choking Game," or "Suffocation Roulette."

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Hyperventilation TikTok Death: Is It Safe?

The hyperventilation Tiktok trending is not safe, and doctors have spread warnings to parents to watch out for their children's behaviors.

The "Hyperventilation" trend has been regarded as potentially lethal and a wake-up call for parents to monitor their children's social media use.

The fainting-inducing game has been around since the mid-90s, but it only recently acquired traction on social media when footage of teenagers finishing it went viral.

However, TikTokers are unaware that by passing out, they risk significant injury or death since the brain is deprived of oxygen, resulting in seizures, brain damage, comas, and, in the worst-case scenario, death.

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