What Is Crip Mac Real Name? Got Beat Up In DP By His Gang, Fighting Video On Instagram

What is Crip Mac's real name? After the fighting video of the rapper surfaced on social media platforms, he became the trending subject of discussion.

Crip Mac is a well-known name in the music industry, who is most popular for his amazing rap songs like This 55th Street, Big Amount, Hammer Time, No Fair Ones, Opp Goblin, and Trenches. 

After posting a DP covered in blood and beat up by his gang, Crip Mac is surfing all over the internet, as of now. 

As netizens are concerned and curious at the same time, here's what you need to know about the rapper. 

What Is Crip Mac Real Name?

Rapper Crip Mac's real name hasn't been disclosed at the time of writing. When it comes to his personal life, Mac remains pretty secretive and prefers to keep a low profile. Thus, only little is known about him as of now. 

Currently residing in Los Angeles, CA, the details on Mac's family, just as his parents, are also currently hard to run over. Moreover, he is believed to be somewhere around his 20s to 30s, and is quite difficult to state if the rapper has attended any university or not. 

Besides this, nothing much could be sustained about the rapper. We will update the article once any information on his personal life is made available. 

Did Crip Mac Got Beat Up In DP By His Gang? Fighting Video On Instagram

A video of Crip Mac covered in blood, fighting with his gang for claiming to be from a distinctive group, can be fetched on online platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit. 

The following video was posted by No Jumper on the 8th of February 2022, where Crip Mac can be seen covered in blood. Nothing particular was enlisted in the video. However, he just wanted to update his fans about the situation. 

Similarly, the cutting injuries under his eyes with several scratches on his face can be seen on his face. Additionally, as per some sources, he was attacked by his homies after a post of Crip Mac goes viral on the internet claiming a different gang. 

Crip Mac Net Worth: How Rich Is He?

The well-known rapper Crip Mac has an estimated net worth of around $1 million, as of 2022. 

However, the following figure is just a rough calculation based on his profession. His exact amounted figure is yet to be disclosed, as Mac hasn't declared his earnings. 

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