RIP: What Happened To Tinfoilchef? Hermitcraft Streamer's Death Result In Disarray On The Internet

Tinfoilchef ( Source : olasmediatv )

Reddit announced the passing away of an extremely loved Minecraft player, Tinfoilchef. As Twitter is paying tribute to him, netizens are still trying to figure out what happened to him. 

Hermitcraft member TinFoilChef, often known as Tinfoil Chef or simply TFC, was a YouTuber. He joined during Season 2 and remained a contributor until his passing on August 13, 2022. 111,000 people subscribe to him. Apology - Hermitcraft 8 EpX is his most popular video.

RIP: What Happened To Tinfoilchef? Death Cause

Two days ago, a subreddit group, Hermicraft, put out a tweet that confirmed Tinfoilchef's death. It was quite confusing as nobody really knew who that particular Twitteratti was. However, later it was said that the account belonged to Tinfoil's sister, and later, the name also changed to 'Tinfoil Sis.' After this, the entire gaming community is mourning the loss. 

The tweet said, "I’m not sure how to tell you all, but sadly @tinfoilchef passed away this morning. He will be missed." The family is reported to have been accepting donations for funeral expenses, and the Redditors talked about boosting the particular tweet in order to help them. Consequently, now it has 27k favorites and 1.6 k comments. people engaging on the post has definitely resulted in generating some amount of help for the family. 

Apart from this tweet, the reason behind his death has not been mentioned anywhere. Nevertheless, as per the insiders, He had damaged discs in his back, a urinary tract infection that turned out to be E. coli, an infection in his blood, and a stroke that was the likely result of prostate cancer problems.

After learning about the difficulties, the gamer's family was having many people asked to create a GoFundme page as well. To this, the deceased's sister replied that anyone wanting support could provide it through her mail. 

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63-Year-Old Hermicraft Streamer Tinfoilchef's Net Worth 

As of August 2022, the YouTube channel TinfoilChef's Gaming Channel had an earning of $4,000. If you break down his entire income from it, he got around $200 a month when he is least active. 

It is the frequently updated vlog channel for TFC. Older films also included food demonstrations. The videos are often personal updates.
This channel, as its name implies, is for gaming on TFC. He frequently posted movies of Minecraft, particularly ones from the Hermitcraft server. He also used Fallout 4 to play.

Hence, he definitely had a net worth of over $100k. 

He has a brother and three sisters. Both his sister and brother have passed away. Before recently relocating to Oklahoma, he spent several years living in Arkansas, United States. His right leg was amputated below the knee in March 2020 as a result of a medical condition.

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