What Happened To Tim Tuttle At 93Q And Why Is He Leaving?

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The famous radio jockey Tim Tuttle left 93Q as per his Facebook post and fans are disheartened to learn this.

Tim Tuttle and co-host Kevin Kline came from "The X at 100.5" WRAX Birmingham, AL, an alternative-oriented station at the time, in April 2005. They also worked together at Tallahassee, Florida's X101.5 WXSR.

He got married to his wife who was co-host, Erica Rico in the year 2016. They revealed they were no longer together in 2018, however they continued to collaborate.

What Happened To Tim Tuttle At 93Q

Tim Tuttle's contract in 93Q was not renewed by the radio station despite his contribution to it for over 17 years. It was revealed by Tim himself through his Facebook post. However, he did not talk bout what actually went wrong between him and the channel. 

Similarly, Twitter is raging over his contract not being renewed and his fans found him extremely funny. He did make the morning of generations in the past year and it is certain that everyone will miss him. 

The major concern now is the dispute between 93Q and Tim. There can be two possibilities here. One can be that the channel wanted a new voice for the program after the near to monotonous 2 decades in the same program. Another possibility could be an actual disagreement or disputation between the two parties. 

Whatever the reason might be Tuttle will be dearly missed. 

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Why Is Tim Tuttle Leaving?

Tim Tuttle wrote in a post on his Facebook that he learned that 93Q would not be newing his contract and that day was his last show. Further, he added that he like to thank each and everyone who listened to the morning show over the past 26 years in big cities like Daytona Beach, Nashville, Knoxville, Tallahassee, Birmingham, and Houston. 

If Tim ever made any of you laugh he genuinely would want to thank you because you gave him the opportunity to live a dream life he always wanted while providing him with food, clothing, and shelter for his family. He says he can never pay each one of you. 

He thanks all his fantastic coworkers with whom he had great pleasure working since the year 1996. He says that he had spent some wonderful memories with them that can never be duplicated. In the end, he wishes that God would bless each and everyone along with their families.

However, in this long Facebook post, he doesn't mention the reason behind his departure.

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