What Happened To Savannah Buckhead Shore Boyfriend? Latest Episode Has Fans Sympathize With Her

Savannah Gabriel, a Buckhead Shore cast member, knew Parker Lipman's feelings.
Savannah Gabriel, a Buckhead Shore cast member, knew Parker Lipman's feelings.( Source : instagram )

Savannah Gabriel is a cast member of the Buckhead Shore whose boyfriend Micheal died in 2018, and in the previous episode, she hooked up with Parker Lipman. 

Gabriel is a member of the MTV reality series Buckhead Shore. The current episode shocked the viewers after Parker knew his true feeling for Katie Canham. The distance between his ex-girlfriend, who he had dated for four years, made him realize his love for Katie. 

What Happened To Savannah Buckhead Shore Boyfriend

Gabriel's boyfriend Mike passed away, and the Buckhead shore cast shared the news via Instagram. The artist wrote she was late in posting about him on social media when he first passed. She was shocked by the word of his demise. 

Savannah pinned, 'mike, I can't believe you are gone. When I first heard about the incident, I couldn't even believe it. I was praying I would get a text from you saying you were okay, which wasn't true. Days passed, and I realized you were truly gone.'

It took a long way for Savannah to come up with these words on social platforms. She is unknown about the comment she should speak in this situation. She mentioned to him her youth and young adulthood. Although the couple was not dating all the time, they spent seven incredible years together. 

Everything reminds Savannah of her late lover. She had tried to be strong and distract herself, but he constantly came to mind. He was the safe place, her best friend and everything. While growing up, they shared fantastic memories which she will never forget.

Although Mike's absence is loud, she is dealing with the heartbreaking incident. However, she finds comfort knowing her love is at peace. Michael had taught told throughout her life and shaped her into the person she is today. She revealed he will always be her other half. 

Latest Episode Details, Is Savannah Gabriel Dating Someone New In 2022? 

Gabriel and Parker were together the previous night, but Parker admits he is in love with Katie. In the last episode, Katie shared she dint want to come between them, but in the latest episode, Parker realized his feelings for Katie. 

I Miss You Even When I'm With You is the seventh reality show episode where they showed the shocking twist between Parker and Savannah. Although they hookup last night, Parker felt the love for Katie. And in the house, Parker and DJ try to woo the girls with love notes. 

After the absence of Katie while hanging out which Parker's mom in Buckhead, he had a question about his real feelings. 

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Savannah Gabriel Parents' Details

Kristy and Dean S Gabriel are the parents of the Buckhead Shore cast Savannah. In 2016, the artist lost her mother. She was identified with a brain aneurysm. Afterward, her mother had successful surgery.

Savannah Gabriel with her bestfriend Ciara Wilkie
Savannah Gabriel with her bestfriend Ciara Wilkie( Source : instagram )

Although they don't have health insurance to cover medical expenses, Savannah collected funds through the Gofundme page. Katie Gabriel is the sister of the artist. 

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