What Happened To Sarah From Bangers And Cash & Why Did She Leave?

Sarah Crabtree is a car enthusiast.
Sarah Crabtree is a car enthusiast.( Source : co )

Sarah Crabtree left Bangers And Cash to pursue a new role of office manager at Mathewsons Classic. Sarah Crabtree is a car enthusiast. 

Sarah works with Evoke Classic Cars as a director and a brand ambassador as of 2022.

She is a well-known British TV star and businesswoman. She rose to prominence after being featured in Yesterday's Bangers and Cash show.

The show revolved around the car-auction business of a family-run company, Mathewson's Classic Cars. Since Sarah is also a classic car enthusiast, her appearance in the TV series makes sense.

Crabtree appeared on Bangers and Cash until the fourth season, which was also the final one. After that, she left her job at Mathewson's to start her business venture.

What Happened To Sarah Crabtree From Bangers And Cash?

Sarah Crabtree from the TV show, Bangers and Cash left the show and worked as an office manager.

Sarah recently happens to own her classic car company, where she is also the brand ambassador for Evoke Classics.

Bangers and Cash show is the behind the scene of a Yorkshire-based, family-run historic car auction business that shows people's interest in cars and how they auction them.

Sarah has a huge interest in classic cars.
Sarah has a huge interest in classic cars.( Source : twitter )

She left the company in October 2020 and the TV series in May 2021 and started a new career path as an entrepreneur. 

Evoke Classic is a platform to connect classic car enthusiasts where they can buy and sell classic vehicles. Also, the users can read buying guides, get advice, or sell autojumbles via their site.

Where Is Sarah Crabtree From Bangers And Cash Now?

Sarah Crabtree is in the UK operating her home-based classic cars business and doing well in her life.

Sarah consults clients about cars and influences them to invest in one, and being a person who has a passion for vehicles, she loves her job now. 

Sarah at a car show with her friend.
Sarah at a car show with her friend.( Source : twitter )

Before the establishment of her company, Sarah served as an office manager for Mathewson's Classic Cars, where she saved her earnings to start her own business.

Did Sarah Crabtree Suffered From Illness During Shooting Of Bangers And Cash

Sarah Crabtree was diagnosed with Leukemia in March 2008 and has had a tough time since her childhood.

Sarah suffering from illness was not new to her as she had seizures for a very long time and her motivation was just to keep going to make everything better.

Sarah was admitted to the hospital when she suffered from sepsis
Sarah was admitted to the hospital when she suffered from sepsis( Source : twitter )

She has always been a fighter, and although she was shooting for the show, she never hesitated to open up about her diseases and kept her health in check.

Crabtree also shares two incredible children with her husband. She is the mother of a daughter named Lily Crabtree Craft and a son named Solomon Red Craft, who takes care of her mother when she is ill.

Moreover, she had her first job as a manager at The Chocolate Factory where she stayed for seven years and left to pursue a different career and made a name in the car industry.

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