What Happened To Raise A Floppa? Roblox Game Deleted Again!!

Raise a Floppa, a Roblox game, has been deleted from the platform. 

Roblox is an online game platform that allows users to program and play games developed by other users. There are many games on the platform, and one of the popular ones is Raise A Floppa. However, it has already faced trouble twice, which has caused annoyance to the players.

What Happened To Raise A Floppa?

Netizens are enraged after Raise A Floppa has been deleted from Roblox. Roblox houses several games created by the developers on an online platform.

Raise A Floppa is one of them which has gained immense popularity. According to Fandom, the creators created this game to give users an experience of raising a floppa based on the meme Big Floppa.

The player can keep a Floppa as a pet while also purchasing goods to help with the troubles that it causes. As a result, it has become famous among the players in the gaming community. 

However, it has been removed from the site as the players have started to express their worries. It is the second time that the game has been deleted, and now some people are annoyed about it.

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Was Roblox Game Raise A Floppa Deleted Again?

Roblox Game, Raise A Floppa, has been deleted again. The game was deleted on April 22, 2022, which confused many users.

According to Hitc, the creator's Roblox account was deleted, which resulted in the game's entire content being erased. It was later revealed that it had to do with the description that said, "click the floppa for money."

It is said that it violated Roblox's terms of service for scamming. Thus, the game was removed, but it was subsequently reinstated after two days.

But, it has been removed once again. And some sources claim that they are reviewing it after an imposter filed a DMCA complaint. 

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Why Was Roblox Game Raise A Floppa Deleted?

Roblox Game, Raise A Floppa, was deleted after someone filed a DMCA complaint. If you have tried to open the game, you will see the message that it is under review. 

Thus, the online game platform is reviewing the game at present. And the players hope that it will be back soon. 

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