What Happened To Olsen Filipaina? Kiwis Rugby League Legend Dies At 64

Olsen Filipaina, the rugby league legend from New Zealand, passed away on February 10. Learn more about what happened to the late legend here below!

Olsen Filipaina was known as “The Galloping Garbo” during his playing days.

His legend in rugby league is still famous in New Zealand as one of the inspiring people in the field.

In the rugby league, the late Filipaina represented both New Zealand and Western Samoa.

The information of his death has hit the news making his fans and well-wishers sad as another pioneering figure has bid farewell to the world.

What Happened To Olsen Filipaina? Death Cause Obituary

Many notable personalities and media outlets have tributed the legend Olsen Filipina with obituaries citing his contributions to the sport.

According to the recent report, the death cause of Olsen Filipania is revealed to be a poor health condition.

Filipina was admitted to Westmead Hospital with a stomach infection in mid-January 2022.

His condition slowly deteriorated, and kidney failure became the main reason behind his death cause.

Moreover, Fox Sports reports that the footy legend was also suffering from lupus for the past seventeen days of his life.

The late Filipania faced a difficult time during the last moments of his life.

Who Is Olsen Filipaina Wife?

Olsen Filipaina was married to his wife, Leslie, till his death.

He had often cited the women in his life, his greatest life motivators, including his wife, daughter, and mother.

Hence, the footy star was very respectful of women in his family.

Olsen and Leslie have five children: Louise, John, Alysha, Quin, and Jazmine.

Meanwhile, the couple enjoyed brief extended family life with their four grandchildren: Tamati, Matahi, Ignatius, and Kaimana. 

Olsen Filipaina Net Worth 2022 Revealed

Olsen Filipaina's net worth figures in 2022 are not accessible at the moment.

Even so, it is for sure that he had earned enough from his rugby career and endorsing career for his retirement.

After his retirement from the sport, Filipaina had worked at the same garbage run from where the Balmain Tigers had helped him get over.

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