What Happened To Kotaro Sato Parents? Child Actor Eito Kawahara Plays The Movie Character

Kotaro Sato is a precocious four-year-old child who, for some reason, lives alone at the Springwater Apartments complex. Read about Kotaro Sato's parents as well as his real-life biography. 

Mami Tsumura created Kotaro Lives Alone, a Japanese manga series that has been serialized in Shogakukan's Big Comic Superior. 

Though he has no right business living alone at such a young age, he can handle the rigors of everyday life, from shopping to cleaning and cooking. While youthful, he is more mature and intelligent than many people in the neighborhood.

What Happened To Kotaro Sato's Parents?

Kotaro's mother and father were always fighting, which formed him as a traumatized child. He saw his mother being abused by his intoxicated father. His parents never adequately cared for him.

Even though it was his parents' fault that Kotaro had a lousy relationship with his parents, he blamed himself for all of his parents' problems.

At four, the disaster he witnessed transformed him into a mature and intelligent child. His persona is not based on real-life examples of abusive parents, which may be found in practically every society.

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Does Child Actor Eito Kawahara Play The Movie Character?

Kotaro Lives Alone started as a Japanese manga that received the 2018 Electronic Manga Award.

From April to June 2021, a live-action TV drama adaption ran on TV Asahi during the "Oshidora Saturday" timeslot.

Kotaro Sato was played by Eito Kawahara, and Shin Karino was played by You Yokoyama.

In September 2021, an original net animation (ONA) adaptation was revealed.

It is directed by Tomoe Makino and is being animated by LIDEN FILMS.

Biography of Eito Kawahara: Know About Him

Eito Kawahara is an actor who has appeared in films such as Unsung Cinderella (2020), Special Investigation Nine (2018), and Kotaro Lives Alone (2021).

He doesn't have a Wikipedia article, but he does have an IMDb profile.

He has appeared in shows such as Kotaro Lives Alone | Kotaro was Hitorigurashi (TV Asahi / 2021) - Kotaro Sato.

Midori, The Hospital Pharmacist (Fuji TV / 2020) | Unsung Cinderella: Byoin Yakuzaishi no Shohosen (Fuji TV / 2020) Shota Masuda, (ep.8).

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Is Actor Eito Kawahara Japnese?

Eito Kawahara was born on August 2, 2013.

He was born in Japan and is a Japanese citizen.

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