What Happened To Jared Leto? Actor Used Wheelchair During Bathroom Breaks To Stay In Character

What Happened To Jared Leto? The famous actor has been trending on the media for his role as Morbius in the MCU phase 4. The movie was globally released on the 1st of April and is creating a fuss at Box Office.

Morbius is a science fiction movie based on a character with a rare blood disorder and determined to save others from the same fate. The movie is hyped up as it is a project under the MCU phase 4.

Jared Leto has portrayed the character of a dark, biologically engineered vampire with an immense thirst for human blood. The storylines are related to the Spiderman universe. People are excited for the crossover of Morbius and Spiderman in the future.

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What Happened To Jared Leto? Wheelchair Case And His Acting Performance Disclosed

Jared Leto, for being a surreal actor, loves to be in touch with his character on the movie set. It was no different in his recent and powerful project with Marvel. However, he took his dedication to acting to the next level.

He used Wheelchair During Bathroom Breaks To Stay In Character. Director Daniel Espinosa confirmed the statement in the media about the actor's dedication. 

Jared was more focused on creating pain while filling the shoes of the character. Leto has been committed to his methods for developing a limp for his anti-hero character. 

In an interview with Vanity fair, Jared shared that he surrounded himself with people having rare blood disorders as an observant. Catch out the exciting journey of Morbius on the Theather. 

Jared Leto Sexual Assault And Gay Rumors: Is He From LGBTQ Community?

It is common once in a while, the sexuality of Jared Leto has created confusion on the internet. However, Jared Leto never publicly announced his sexuality. Although, the actor is believed to be bisexual.

The Morbius actor has taken a stand with all the gay and LGBTQ communities in the media. He feels like they don't get the same opportunities in Hollywood as much as a straight person would.

Jared has often fallen into the controversy of sexual assault in his career. He is accused of having a physical relationship with underage girls. However, the accusation has never been proved right but also not proved wrong. It is still debatable.

Meet Jared Leto On Instagram: Social Media Personality Disclosed 

Jared Leto needs no introduction on social media. Presently, half of the social media is covered with the red carpet premiere of his movie "Morbius". Jared has been the face of many magazines and news articles.

He can be found on Instagram with the username @jaredleto and has more than 3550 posts on his profile. The actor has a whooping fan-following 10.6 million and only follows four people on the platform.

Jared's Instagram wall is a piece of art with all his fashion tips. Lately, he has been busy with the promotion of his new movie. The actor loves the response and reviews of his new movie.

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