What Has James Nesbitt Done To His Eyebrows? Details About The Actor's New Look

William James Nesbitt as Tom Brannick in TV series, Bloodlands
William James Nesbitt as Tom Brannick in TV series, Bloodlands( Source : co )

The Irish actor and presenter, William James Nesbitt, finally opened up about his questionable eyebrows on The One Show last year after trolls started talking about his eyebrows again with his appearance on his latest crime series, Suspect.

James became the subject of trolls on the internet a year ago for his appearance on The One Show right after his shooting with extremely dark eyebrows than what is seen generally on the actor.

With the trolls appearing once again, the Irish actor decided to open up about the reason why his eyebrows look weird in the show. Let us learn more about the actor's eyebrows, age, and wiki and debunk if the actor had plastic surgery on his face.

James Nesbitt on The One Show in September
James Nesbitt on The One Show in September( Source : co )

What Happened To James Nesbitt's Eyebrows - Are They Real Or Fake? '

On the latest season of the Table Manners podcast, James Nesbitt's eyebrows were addressed as being fake by the actor himself.

James revealed that he had been battling alopecia for a long time now, which had caused the Cold Feet actor to lose all the hair on his eyebrows.

The actor suffers from alopecia areata, an autoimmune disorder causing hair loss in people in different parts of the body. For Nesbitt, it has affected his eyebrows and some patches of facial hair on his beard.

He was not even trying to hide it since it has been a long time since he has been living with the disorder, but the presenter revealed that he had to put makeup on during his shootings since the eyebrow area is entirely bare.

So he used stick-on eyebrows or hand-drawn eyebrows in his appearances on TV. However, trolls have not stopped making fun of the actor's eyebrows on the show.

Did He Get Plastic Surgery On His Face?

The Bloodlands actor James Nesbitt has denied getting plastic surgery on his face as he has always disagreed with the use of facial plastic surgery to look younger.

Nesbitt once talked about how age adds character to a person, and it was a shame that many young men consider plastic surgery.


Although the Irish actor disagrees with the use of plastic surgery, he has been open about his hair transplant. James talked about how undergoing the hair transplant process has helped him gain his confidence and acting career.

James Nesbitt's Age And Wiki Explored

Born on January 15, 1965, James Nesbitt is 57 years of age as of 2022, according to Wikipedia. The Northern Irish actor has been active since the year 1981 and has served 41 years in the acting industry.

Nesbitt started acting through theatres and eventually caught his big break with Cold Feet in 1996 as Adam Williams, which won him the 1997 Golden Rose of Montreux and the 1997 British Comedy Award.

The actor has also lent his voice to narrating countless documentary series like Drama Trails, Alex Higgins: The People's Champion, and many more.


However, the 57-year-old is best known for his roles in Cold Feet, Murphy's Law, The Hobbit, Outcast, and his latest TV series, Suspect. Despite the latest controversy with him being trolled for his eyebrows, the actor is widely loved by his audience for his acting skills.

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