What Happened To James Bidgood? Master Of Gay Photography Dies At 88

James Bidgood had suffered from the coronavirus in the stages of his life. Stay tuned to learn more details on his death cause in this article. 

James Bidgood was known as one of the finest American filmmakers, photographers, and performance artists. In particular, people admire him for his outstanding work in the American arthouse drama film Pink Narcissus, which he directed in 1971. 

Further, he got enormous recognization for his outstanding and homoerotic works in multiple exhibitions, including his solo exhibitions at ClampArt, New York (2007), Larry Collins Finer Arts, Provincetown, and Massachusetts (2007). He was honored with a Creative Capital grant in 2005 for his masterful work in art. 

Moving to his academic qualification, he had attended Parsons The New School for Design because he had a great passion for design and art since his childhood. 

Filmmaker: What Happened To James Bidgood? Death Cause Obituary

James Bidgood had imprinted his unique technique in Visual art and Photography in his era. He had been suffering from the coronavirus a couple of months ago, and he died from complications of COVID-19 at the Manhattan hospital on January 31, 2022. 

This news has left his fan speechless as the world has lost the legendary photographer. In particular, thousands of people have tributed the obituary towards him on their social sites for his contribution to the entertainment industry. 

James Bidgood Partner Name Revealed

James Bidgood had acquired thousands of followers behind his legacy, and his fans have been searching for his partner's name on the internet in the following days. However, he had not disclosed much about his life partner in the media. 

Further, it has been hard to get details on his romantic life due to the lack of authentic sources at the moment. On the other hand, he was rarely active on social platforms to draw information about his personal life. 

Is James Bidgood Gay? Sexuality Explored

James Bidgood was reportedly was gay, and he was famous as a master of Gay Photography during the back days. In particular, he was the pioneer of gay erotic photography fashion. Further, he boosted the homoerotic photographs of men in the entertainment industry. 

On the other hand, people used to love his work where he had promoted men's physique photos in the magazines in the 1960s and 70s. However, he had never delivered any biased opinion on people's sexuality those days. 

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