Where Is Fareed Zakaria Today - What Happened To Him? Find Out Is He Is Leaving CNN

Fareed Zakaria is a journalist and political commentator
Fareed Zakaria is a journalist and political commentator ( Source : schmidtfutures )

Fareed Zakaria has been on vacation. Kim Sciutto has been filling in for him on his show, GPS. 

Many viewers were speculating about the situation after his sudden absence from the show. Some thought that the journalist might have left the channel. 

What Happened To Fareed Zakaria?

Fareed Zakaria was once suspended from CNN over a plagiarism issue. He had admitted to unintentionally copying parts of an article on gun regulation for Time magazine from a New Yorker article by Jill Lepore.

There were several sentences in Zakaria's column, "The Case for Gun Control," in the current issue of Time magazine that is similar to those in Lepore's essay in the New Yorker's April issue.

According to Variety, he apologized for the plagiarism on his CNN blog after it was brought to his attention by NRANews.com, National Review Online, and Newsbusters. He called it "a terrible mistake" and "a serious lapse."

Fareed Zakaria is on vacation
Fareed Zakaria is on vacation ( Source : instagram )

He was suspended as a host of GPS for a month in 2012. But, six days after the incident, when Time and CNN reviewed his research notes, they found that it was an unintentional and isolated mistake. Thus, they reinstated him. 

But, in 2014, the controversy reignited as some news sources mentioned improper citations in seven of his article out of hundreds of columns he had written over the years. When The Washington Post investigated, they did find the problematic source in five of his columns. 

However, they denied that those errors were related to plagiarism. Following that incident, there is no other major news about him. 

Even at present, he is still a host of Fareed Zakaria's GPS show. However, he has been on vacation for almost a week, causing him to take leave from the show. 

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Is Fareed Zakaria Still On CNN?

Fareed Zakari is still on CNN. But, recently, viewers have not seen him on the show. 

He has been on GPS since it first started in 2008. Reaching more than 200 million homes, the show is broadcast twice a week in the United States and four times a week on CNN International.

However, it has been a few days since he has not shown up as the host. This has caused many people to think that he may have left the network.


But, he is on vacation and has not a departure from CNN. He is active on Twitter and has been sharing what will happen in the show. 

Jim Sciutto filled in for him. In today's episode, Jim spoke with NSC spokesman John Kirby. He had even tweeted about today's schedule and informed the audience about his absence. 

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Where Is Fareed Zakaria On GPS Today?

Fareed Zakaria was seen enjoying a vacation in Italy. He has been posting his pictures on Instagram as he travels and enjoys his holiday. 

As a result, he has been absent from the show for some time now. While it is not sure when he will be returning, his fans have been asking about it. The TV anchor has yet to mention how long his vacation will last. 

Nonetheless, many viewers wished him to have a good vacation and enjoy it. 

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