What Happened To Elias WWE 2022? Wrestler Appearance After Beard Gone, Before & After Photos

What happened to Elias has piqued people's interest. Elias is a professional wrestler and musician from the United States.

Elias is presently a free agent with WWE, where he goes by the ring name Ezekiel. His former ring name is Elias, his most well-known moniker (shortened from Elias Samson).

He played Elias, a musician who frequently utilized music to insult his opponents or the audience.

What Happened To Elias WWE 2022? Beard Gone, Before & After Photos

One of the failed ideas for WWE star Elias appears to be confirmed by a snapshot of Elias tied to the sponsorship of the new 2K22 video game.

The one who had exploded in the Raw rings as a guitarist is now on the outskirts of the company.

But it looks that he will appear in the videogame shortly after its release, and he does so in a variety of new guises.

WWE had been promoting Elias' return with a redesigned character for months, and it appeared as though he was dumping the guitar and all of the character's musical elements.

Vince McMahon later rejected preparations for his return, according to 'WrestleVotes,' since his original rebranding looked too much like Randy Savage due to his beard and colorful pants.

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Where Is Elias Actually from?

Elias is actually from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. He began his WWE career on the NXT brand, where he created his "Drifter" ring gimmick from 2014 through 2017.

Before joining WWE, Elias worked on the independent circuit as Heavy Metal Jesus and Logan Shulo for several companies.

The WWE Music Group released WWE: Walk with Elias featuring Sciullo in 2018, followed by Universal Truth in 2020.

He was signed to a developmental agreement with WWE in early 2014 under the ring name Elias Samson.

He debuted in NXT on April 24, 2014, as an enhancement talent alongside Buddy Murphy in a losing effort against The Ascension.

Throughout 2014 and early 2015, Samson was used sporadically on television, mostly as an enhancement talent for wrestlers like Baron Corbin.

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