What Happened To Amy Morrison Face? Did The HSN Star Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Amy Morrison of HSN is currently on sabbatical from the show due to a brief illness. Learn more about the makeup artist in this article below.

Amy Morrison is a well-known name in the beauty, fashion, and brand industries. She is the host of Beauty Report with Amy Morrison on HSN (Home Shopping Network).

She is knowledgeable in fields including cosmetics, makeup, fashion and design, and lavish branding.

Amy's fans adore her, and she's a fantastic social media influencer.

HSN: What Happened To Amy Morrison Face?

Numerous fans had noticed Amy Morrison's face looked different when she appeared on the show.

Viewers have assumed that she has undergone plastic surgery. However, Amy has not disclosed any details of the surgery.

People have been divided into two groups. One group of the audience complimented and supported Amy Morrison's surgery.

The other group was opposed to her having surgery on her previously beautiful face.

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Has Amy Morrison Had Plastic Surgery?

Amy Morrison has not validated anything regarding her plastic surgery.

She was diagnosed with cancer in her thirties and had multiple lump removal surgeries and radiation treatments.

Amy Morrison has bravely battled breast cancer.

She was featured on the 2017 Magnolia Ball Patient Testimony for a benefit, it has raised over 36 million dollars since its inception in 1994 as a Moffitt Cancer Center patient.

Amy Morrison's mother was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 39, and her brother died at the age of 40 from leukemia.

Where Is Amy Morrison Now?

Amy Morrison is currently taking a break from her show to recover from her recent illness.

Morrison is yet to disclose any further details regarding her illness.

She stated on Facebook Live that she is looking forward to returning to her show soon in April.

Amy expressed her delight at being reunited with her fans after a long absence from the show.

She is well-known as the HSN Show's Resident Beauty Expert.

Morrison is also a great expert shopper who provides useful information about the products, and her reviews are always well-received.

Amy Morrison Salary And Net Worth In 2022 Revealed

According to the net worth post, she has an estimated net worth of more than 18 million dollars.

She has accumulated such a massive fortune as the HSN host and resident beauty expert. Morrison was also a film and television actress.

Amy started working in the entertainment industry in New Zealand when she was six years old.

Jack Be Nimble, a horror film, featured her. Hercules: The Legendary Journeys is one of her most well-known works.

Her final film was Jack of All Trades. Following that, she took an indefinite break from the film industry.

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