What Happened To Alonzo Howard aka Alonzo Dreadhead? Instagram Followers Pay Tribute To The Dancer

Alonzo Howard Instagram star and dancer
Alonzo Howard Instagram star and dancer( Source : instagram )

Alonzo Howard, a social personality discarded from the internet in 2018, has risen his fame on the media after her appearance in the Dubsmash with dance challenge, which got a trend on the social platform. 

Howard is an Instagram influencer and a dancer who made his impression in the media in 2016. He has got acknowledged by the audience after he arrived on the social app Dubsmash. He has gone viral on the internet after his dance video. 

Moreover, the public figure seemed too concerned about dancing from his childhood. Besides this, he was an athlete. He has got skilled in boxing, soccer, and basketball. Later, he made his impression on social media and got the name Instagram star. He has shared his dance move on social outlets. 

What Happened To Alonzo Howard, aka Alonzo Dreadhead? 

Howard got absent from the social platform in March 2018. He has disappeared from the internet since then. There is no trace of the dancer. It has got stated that the Instagram star got into an accident and died. However, the news has not got confirmed by his family. 

Further, the vanishing of the public figure concluded he might be no more in the world. Also, on Twitter, Carol Porter has shared a drawing captioned, 'Remembering Alonzo...He's not gone. I'm just remembering him. I cheated a bit on this drawing. '

Analyzing the Alonzo profile, he seemed to get missing from the colonial platform for four years. He came to highlight after his dance performance in 2016. He has worked on various video apps and made his impact on the public. 

Perhaps, Alonzo flourished as a sports person in his childhood. He used to enjoy basketball, football, and fighting. In 2018, he shared numerous posts about his soccer game on the internet. The Instagram star has risen his fame as a presenter. 

In addition, Howard has intact his role as a host radio show. He has anchored the show internet program teen-speak. 

Dancer Alonzo Howard Death From Accident

Howard has got rumored to die after the accident. However, the news has not got confirmed yet. There is no official report about the vehicle accident of the dancer. Also, his family has kept quiet about the devasting situation and stayed away from the limelight. 

If the dancer has faced the accident, his parents may have shared about the funeral. People have sent condolence and tribute to the dancer. There is no post related to the dancer incident on the internet.

Nonetheless, he was absent from his field for several years, which resulted dead or fading. Also, musician Narly has commented rip on his last Instagram post.

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Meet Alonzo Howard On Instgaram

Howard was active on Instagram under the handle dread_hhead. Nevertheless, in 2019, the account has got deleted. Before that, he collected around 600k followers on his social account. Also, there is another account that has got listed as a backup account @dread_.__hhead. 


On his backup page, he has gathered 6379 followers. After 2018, he is unavailable on both Facebook and Instagram. He has shared the memories of his love, Iamg0ldiecurls. He was in a relationship with his girlfriend for around two years. In 2018, the Instagram star surprised his followers with his son.

Furthermore, Alonzo appeared in a sequence of Instagram movies with dancer ChyTheGreatest. 

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