What Does AS In Brackets Mean On TikTok? Learn More About The Adult Swim TikTok Trend

TikTok has been swayed by videos where people can see AS in bracket or sometimes its full version Adult Swim. Many are confused about its meaning and what it indicates because it is very confusing.

In this article, let's explore in full detail this trend and the meaning of AS.

Being a platform that is mainly dominated by millennials and teenagers, TikTok has become a place where new trends are created every day. Some of these trends are quite obvious; however, some are very cryptic, and only a few people know.

AS in bracket can be said to be the latter one because only people who have watched Cartoon Network know its true meaning and why it is called Adult Swim.

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What Does AS In Brackets Mean On TikTok?

AS in bracket, On TikTok, reference to Cartoon Network Adult Swim. Adult Swim was a section that was created entirely for adult cartoons, which is particularly not made for younger audiences.

Usually, these cartoons include popular shows like Rick and Morty. When this particular section came in on CN, they used to write Adult Swim in a cool way and the hidden manner in television. This is the same TikToker can be seen doing.

TikTok often makes videos on this particular title writing AS in various interesting manners. However, some creators simply type it at the end of the video or somewhere. These videos have some adult-related work.

The creators use a song in the background, and the song is Running Away. Under this song, there are more than 600,000 videos, so one could only imagine how many people have made videos using this particular song.

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@cyrilroypalmer Answer to @slutslayerkev love this trend love you y’all #adultswim #fyp #vintage #4u #vano3000 ♬ Running Away - VANO 3000 & BADBADNOTGOOD & Samuel T. Herring

Adult Swim TikTok Trend- Explore Videos Related To AS

There are many videos under AS hashtag and the Adult Swim hashtag. The common thread among all of these videos is that they all have Running Away playing in the background of the creators' content.

Similar to Cartoon Network, in this video too, the creator tries to write AS in brackets in various manners, which is unique and interesting compared to other creators. There is a video where one TikToker writes AS on leaf.

However, some creators go with the easy way and make a video with AS written with the keyboard. Compared to these videos, the videos with AS written in creative ways have more interactions with the audience.

It looks like the videos in this trend will not plummet any time soon. These videos have also worked as nostalgia for many viewers, which is quite an impressive thing to see.

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