Why Is Goodtimeswithscar In A Wheelchair? Everything To Know About The YouTuber's Disease

Scar, or GoodTimesWithScar, is a popular YouTube channel run by Ryan, a gamer. You will discover more about goodtimeswithscar's disease and health condition in this article.

Goodtimeswithscar is a Twitch streamer, YouTuber, and gamer from the United States who is most known for his Minecraft skills. 

His Hermitcraft series, in which he creates and constructs landscapes, is well-known.

In addition, his Youtube stream is littered with tutorial videos for creating landscapes. He is thrilled to be among the top YouTubers, having already reached the one-million-subscriber mark. 

The streamer shot to social media prominence in 2016 after posting a movement video, and he hasn't looked back since. 

What Disease Does Goodtimeswithscar Have?

In 2001, Goodtimeswithscar was diagnosed with a neuromuscular condition that prevented his ability to move.

As a result, it became a permanent impairment with no cure.

The streamer became a wheelchair user as his ability to control his muscles deteriorated.

And he now relies on an oxygen pipe to regulate his daily consumption.

Why Is Goodtimeswithscar In A Wheelchair?

Goodtimeswithscar suffers from a handicap that confines him to a wheelchair, preventing him from moving his muscles. He has been like a way for more than 20 years, regrettably.

GoodTimesWithScar was diagnosed with an unknown neuromuscular condition that weakened his muscles when he was 18 years old.

As a result, he is forced to use a wheelchair. He has posted about his battle with his illness on social media.

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Goodtimeswithscar Career: Is He A Swimmer Too?

Goodtimewithscar used to be a state-level swimmer, and he was ranked among the top five in Washington.

His swimming career, like his movement, came to an end as a result of the sickness. There is no remedy for his condition because it caused lifelong damage.

Goodtimeswithscar, on the other hand, has made the most of his situation as one of the most popular Twitch streams.

His personality is described as effervescent, energetic, and upbeat.

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Goodtimeswithscar Net Worth: How Rich Is He? 

Goodtimeswithscar's net worth is estimated to be above $471.36 thousand, according to NetWorth sports statistics. 

The true net worth of GoodTimesWithScars is unknown.

Some estimates estimate GoodTimesWithScar's net worth to be as high as $659.91 thousand when separate revenue streams are considered.

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Find Goodtimeswithscar On Twitter 

GoodtimeswithScars @GTWScar is the Twitter handle.

In his Twitter account, he has 230.4k followers and follows roughly 165 individuals.

He also uses Instagram and YouTube in addition to Twitter.

He has 151k followers on Instagram, follows 39 people, and has 723 posts.

The Goodtimeswithscar YouTube channel receives over 1.96 million monthly views and has 1.77 million subscribers.

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