20 Colours That Go With Teal

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Soft White, Metallic Gold, Pastel Blue, Lime Green, and many other colors go with teal. Teal is formed by the combination of blue and green color and it sits between light blue and dark green on the spectrum of colors. The hue can differ depending on the amount of blue or green added. The color is mostly linked with nature and outdoor activities.

Teal is a versatile color and it has many shades: Teal blue, Teal green, Teal turquoise, Teal aqua, and others. You can combine this beautiful and bold color with similar undertones to create a vibrant, desired interior. Here are 20 great colors you can consider to pair with teal for home décor. With these many options, you surely might find the right pair for your space.

1. Teal and Soft White

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Create a poppy and bright look with the combination of teal and soft white. Every other combination might go wrong but soft white and teal will surely combine well. This combination is like jam and bred, macaroni and cheese that complements each other so well.

Both the colors have a sense of a calming and relaxing vibe, so use the colors somewhere you relax, like the bedroom, and bathroom. The contrast between the two colors is perfect.

Quick Tips:

  • Opt for a teal wall with white wall trim to create a classic look
  • Style white couches with teal rugs and accent pillows.
  • A few teal accessories might pop open the white color in the room.

2. Teal and Metallic Gold

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The combination of teal and metallic gold can create a fun, modern, and eye-catching look. Gold is a luxurious color and teal is a refreshing color. Metallic gold accessories go perfectly with a teal background. A massive amount of gold will create a luxurious feel in your space, while a smaller amount will just do the work without overdoing it.

A gold-bordered wallpaper or photo frame on a teal wall can change the look of the space. You can use this color combination in any space of your house, from the living room, bedroom, and bathroom, to the kitchen.

Quick tips:

  • To combine gold with teal, begin with a metallic gold frame on a white-designed wallpaper.
  • White and gold wallpaper goes perfectly well with teal and white designed rugs.

3. Teal and Pastel Blue

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Teal and pastel or light blue create a soft and pretty atmosphere. The color generates a light and fresh feel, and when it is combined with teal you get a beachy, fresh space, the space looks big and airy too.

The combination of these colors is light and your room might need some bright red or blue statement pieces or flowers to complement the colors. You can paint the wall in light blue and the cabinets in teal color.

Quick tips:

  • Since teal can be considered as either blue or green in different situations, try using a bluish shade of teal to create a consistent look.

4. Teal and Lime Green

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For a monochromatic and tasteful look, choose a teal wall and complement it with some white furniture and green plants or vice versa. Lime green is a great color one can use in their room. It creates a bright and fresh look, even more so when combined with teal.

Teal being a trending color can be designed well with lime green. You can either use them as a main color or as a statement color. Anyway, lime green and teal go well.

Quick tips:

  • Use teal as the main color and lime as an accent color.
  • Opt for lime green sofa cushions or paint one wall lime green to pop out the color.

5. Teal and Beige

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Beige is such a calming and soft color, and the combination of teal and beige creates a neutral and subtle look. Both colors are of cool nature, and teal goes well with the perfect neutral nature of beige. You can use beige as the dominating color in a room and add teal as the accents. Or if you want a greater amount of teal, go ahead and add a teal couch or bedding to a space with teal walls or even teal rugs.

Or you might add some additional teal accents on the wall, just in the right amount. As a matter of fact, teal goes amazingly well with beige. The color teal pops out when used with neutral light shades.

6. Teal and Reddish Orange

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Teal is a fun, soothing, and jolly color, but when it is paired with colors like reddish orange, it completely takes a different form. Reddish yellow, sometimes known as tangerine is a bold, bright, color that helps to add some light and brightness to the room and it complements teal well.

On the other hand, teal is a versatile color and it can be used in a variety of ways while decorating a room. You can opt for reddish orange-colored furniture with teal bedding or you can simply use metal teal furniture or a sofa cushion on a tangerine wall.

7. Teal and Indigo Blue

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If you love dark colors, but worry it might look shady and unwelcoming, you can add some teal accessories to combine the colors well. The combination of indigo blue and teal is great, the moderate indigo blue complements the teal and highlights the space amazingly. Indigo blue can be used as an accent wall and you can insert teal in the form of throw pillows, rugs, or curtains.

Having said that, since it is an intense combination, think wisely about adding a larger amount of neutral color like white or cream in the rest part of the room.

 Quick tips:

  • This combination works best mostly on smaller spaces.
  • Indigo blue pillows or accent rugs will balance out the teal couch and chairs.

8. Teal and Greige

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Greige is a combination of beige and grey. It is a light neutral color that goes well in both warm as well as cool color patterns. Whether you want a simple bedroom or a modern living room, greige and teal have the capacity to turn a dull space into a vibrant atmosphere.

Greige is a multi-purpose color and in order to save your room from turning boring and plain with just greige color, be sure to add teal-colored curtains, or throw pillows or rugs. This way, the teal helps to enhance the room with its bright shades giving a new look to the room. This color combination helps to create a simple yet advanced setting in a room.

9. Teal and Mustard Yellow

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Teal and Mustard yellow make a fun and bold combination while decorating a space. With many shades of yellow, such as soft, mustard, and golden, they are known as too warm colors for a living area. In that case, teal is an ideal color to cool things down. Yellow and Teal support each other well but choosing the right yellow with the right shades of teal is a crucial step.

Mustard yellow helps to pop open the whole space. It also contrasts well with teal. You can use this color as an accent or even as a main color. Since mustard-yellow-colored furniture is getting popular, you can use mustard-colored furniture against teal walls.

Quick Tip:

  • Place teal lampshades on both sides of a mustard-colored couch, against white or neutral-colored walls.

10. Teal and Ash Wood

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Create a rustic and country-chic look with this great combination of ash wood and teal color. If your house is filled with wood décor, you might want to add some bright and bold colors like teal to open up the space and neutralize the numerous shades of wood. Ashwood is a soft color that falls between beige and light brown. It is a great option for furniture.

Just a small amount of teal is enough to add life and extra color to the woods. A bluish shade of teal is a great color to highlight the rustic space.

11. Teal and Peach Pink

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Peach pink is a soft color that is pinkish orange. Any shades of pink goes well with teal but peach pink does the work better. The calming effect of teal helps to balance out the shades of pink. The combination makes for a beautiful, calming, and lovely space. The colors go well in any part of the house.

Here can play with both colors. You can choose to add couches with both colors but remember to have a white or neutral background. This way the colors can shine out well and complement the space even well. Include some green leafy plants to create a modern, stylish, and bright space.

12. Teal and Patriarch

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Teal and Patriarch create a sophisticated and feminine look. The combination is great for creating a rich, polished, and lively fresh space. However, bold shades of teal and patriarch might create an extremely bold look. Therefore, it is best to add a lighter shade of teal and patriarch together and back them up with a white or gray base to not let the two colors overlap each other.

Overall these colors go well together to create a beautiful and united design. Try using different shades of these colors and you will be surprised to see how well they complement each other.

13. Teal and Soft Grey

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Teal might not come to your mind when you think of grey. But teal in a way helps to bring out the cool tone and makes sure that the grey does not lack personality. A pale shade of teal and soft grey work in an ideal harmony with each other. This is a stylish and subtle look, that generates a sense of calmness and peace.

Some might find this combination pale and colorless, but you can bright open it with some soft and neutral colors or with some yellow showpieces.

14. Teal and Yellow Orange

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This combination creates a fun, happy, and eclectic vibe. Since the two colors sit opposite to each other on the color wheel, they work amazingly well with each other. Yellow orange being the color of the sun and teal being the color of the ocean, they pair perfectly for an interior design idea.

If you find it immensely bright, you can start with a white and orange colored rug and a teal couch. There are so many ways you can experiment with this color pattern, from small to big. You can choose accordingly, but anyway, it will look great.

Quick fact:

  • The color combination is ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, or anyother space in the house.

15. Teal and Farmhouse Red

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A very bright red looks over vibrant and overwhelming next to teal. But farmhouse red and teal goes well. It is a faded and faintly smothering shade, that is easy on the eyes and produces the right contrast. Because this color is warm and welcoming, you might want to use it for your living room.

In order to balance these bold colors, white or cream walls will help. Support the design with some houseplants.

Quick tips:

  • Design your space with a farmhouse red couch, teal curtains, pillows, and a rug.
  • Farmhouse red door with teal walls will create an uncommon yet fascinating color scheme.

16. Teal and Copper Brown

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Brown is a very popular and preferred color for décor. You can use a combination of teal and copper brown in almost every room of your house. Brown alone stands out and a room with lots of brown makes the room small and compressed. Choose a lighter or just the right shade of either one color, if the other color is too dark.

The lighter shade helps balance the space. A simple idea includes a room colored teal, with copper-brown statements, hung on the wall. Opt for white furniture in that case, so that it neutralizes the bold colors.

Quick tips:

  • Pair copper brown with light greenish teal to create a fresh and energetic space.

17. Teal and Silver

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Metallic usually adds a chic finishing look to the room. The only catch here is to have proper knowledge of using, especially while missing any colors. Since silver is a cool metallic, it does go well with teal. This color setting usually goes well in the kitchen or bathroom area. You can add a silver light fixture or a silver-framed hanging mirror with a teal wall.

Just like grey and charcoal, if you have used this setting in the kitchen then the green vegetables and colorful fruits will pop out the color; but in the case of other areas, you can add a small bright color statement piece like a yellow to enhance the look even more.

18. Teal, Soft White and Gold

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This color combination gives a chic and unexpected look to your room. In most cases, a lighter shade of teal does not seem perfect or it may in some way look childish. But when you decorate the room with some soft white and gold, the color balances generating a chic design.

With any soft white backdrop, the color teal pops out. Moreover, when the whites are in combination with or in connection with a sophisticated hue like gold, it is sure to give a modern look.

19. Teal and Brick

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Create a contemporary and industrial design with the combination of these two bold colors. Brick is a classic color when we talk about home décor, and teal is preferred lately due to its calming effect as well as the ability to complement another color well. When used together, they can create a welcoming and stylish environment.

If you have a pre-existing exposed brick, you have many options to try on. The bricks give you many design opportunities. For an office setting, opt for a wooden desk, or teal chair with a brick wall. You might want to place some indoor plants and expose them to natural light.

20. Teal and Charcoal Grey

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Charcoal grey when combined with teal gives a rich and ultra-modern look. Charcoal grey is a heavy, moody color that when used in massive quantity makes the room look creepy and extremely dark. Such space does not seem quite welcoming or is rather reserved. A slight amount of teal or even yellow might drastically change the outlook of such space.

The dreary impression left by the charcoal color will subsequently be minimized by teal. You can even add gold with this color combination to create a unique look. Try this color scheme if you wish for a stylish and timeless color scheme.

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