Where Was Hallmark's Wedding Veil Expectations Filmed?

The show cast Ali Sweeney (left), Lacey Chabert (middle), Autumn Reeser (right)
The show cast Ali Sweeney (left), Lacey Chabert (middle), Autumn Reeser (right)( Source : instagram )

Wedding Veil Expectations was filmed in Greece, Bulgaria and US. Wedding Veil Expectation is the continuation of The Wedding Veil story.

The movie is about three college friends, Avery, Tracy, and Emma, who meet after a long time. During their meetup, they go shopping. 

They enter a mysterious shop where they find the mysterious veil with a legend that the veil unites the bearer of the mantle with her true love. The beginning movie shows how Avery Morrison meets her love of life after acquiring the mysterious cover. 

The later movie sequel, The Wedding Veil Unveiled and The Wedding Veil Legacy, shows the love affair and marriage of both Emma Lowell and Tracy Goodwyn. 

The new continuation of the movie follows Avery when she and her husband, Peter, try to keep their romance active while they move to an old house. While they both renovate the home together and handle their work, Avery has surprising news for her husband, but she is waiting for the right moment to tell Peter her secret.

At the same time, Peter's mother, Grace, connects with one of her old love, and Peter is worried about it. With the return of the wedding veil, will the magic of the wedding veil still work?

The Wedding Veil Expectations Filming Locations

The Wedding Veil Expectations was filmed in Greece. Other filming locations for the movie include Bulgaria and some parts of the US. 

With the movie's premier nearing, the film's location has also been out by the cast members. The cast took to their social media to share pictures from the sets of the movie. 

Lacey and the girls at the filming location of the Hallmark's movie
Lacey and the girls at the filming location of the Hallmark's movie ( Source : instagram )

The movie's main cast, Lacey, Ali, and Autumn, has posted pictures of all three in Greece. The trio posted their photos on Instagram.

Autumn posted a boomerang with two girls on her Instagram at Lindos, Rhodes, Greece, stating that they are back with the movie after their trilogy.

While Ali posted a photo of herself at Lindos Acropolis, Greece with her post stating she was grateful for the opportunity and thankful to Lacey for bringing Ali to the project. 

Ali has also posted a short video on her Instagram stating the filming is happening in Greece and Bulgaria and that she is happy about the movie.

By the look of it, the girls seem to go out on a trip in the movie as they discover the magical powers of the wedding veil.

Cast and Release Date

The show's main cast includes Lacey Chabert, Ali Sweeney and Autumn Reeser. The movie will premiere on Jan 7, 2023.

As the original characters of the previous movies of The Wedding Veil Lacey, Ali, and Autumn have again been cast for the film. The trio portrays the role of Avery Morrison, Tracy Goodwyn, and Emma Lowell.

Main cast of the hallmark's show which will premier on Jan 7
Main cast of the hallmark's show which will premier on Jan 7 ( Source : instagram )

Along with the original trio, Kevin McGarry, who plays the role of Peter Hastings, the husband of Avery, has also been cast for the movie. Next to Kevin, Karen Kruper is also one of the film's cast members. Karen portrays the role of Peter's mother Grace Hasting. 

According to Hallmark, the movie will premiere on Jan 7, 2023, at 8/7c on the Hallmark Channel. 

Trailer Breakdown

The Wedding Veil Expectations trailer shows Tracy and Emma visiting Avery in their new/old house. Then Tracy brings out the mysterious wedding veil showing she had remembered to bring the blanket. 

Emma brings out a typical small gown and gives it to Avery, hinting it is for something. Then the groaning sound comes, which makes the girls concerned, but Avery says the house is old and expressive from time to time.

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