We Decode Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery Rumors and Convincing Before and After Photos

Marlo Thomas at a special screening of
Marlo Thomas at a special screening of "A Holiday Spectacular" featuring the world famous Rockettes at Radio City Music Hall on October 20, 2022 in New York City. ( Source : gettyimages )

Rumors say Marlo Thomas had plastic surgery, which is visible in her recent photos.

However, the actress is yet to address these speculations and words about her appearance. 

Celebrity plastic surgery is not a new thing. Women who strive for the perfect appearance undergo surgeries; some even brutally fail to achieve those as sometimes things may go wrong. 

One of those celebrities is Marlo, who had deified her age. While many believe she has done some job on her face, many argue that she may be aging gracefully and is all-natural. 

Quick Facts Marlos Thomas

NameMarlos Thomas
Age84 Years
BirthdayNovember 21, 1937
HusbandPhil Donahue
SiblingsTerre Thomas and Tony Thomas
ProfessionActress, Producer, Activist and Philanthropist
Years Active1960–present
Zodiac SignScorpio

Marlo Thomas visited SiriusXM Studios on November 01, 2022 in New York City
Marlo Thomas visited SiriusXM Studios on November 01, 2022 in New York City( Source : gettyimages )

Has Marlo Thomas Had Plastic Surgery?

Marlo Thomas's recent appearances has convinced fans that she has had plastic surgery.

She was considered one of the most beautiful actresses of the 1960s. She had won the hearts of many with her beautiful face and skill as an actress.

She had started her career in the 60s, and hardly anyone would forget how gorgeous she looked when she was young, especially in the sitcom That Girl. She played the role of a beautiful, up-and-coming actress with a writer boyfriend.

However, as she has grown old and is in her 80s, many people are shocked that she still looks very young. While many fans think that it is obvious that she is aging slowly based on her appearance, many argue it is a wonder done by cosmetic surgery. 

She Has Not Commented On Her Appearance

While many fans around the world had curiosity regarding the reappearance for a long time, the actress, on the other hand, has never talked about it. Moreover, people say it is obvious that she has done sob job on her appearance since she looks very young for her age. 

Marlo Thomas before and after photos
Marlo Thomas before and after photos ( Source : pinterest )

The 84 years old still looks young, although some parts of her face look weird. There are no wrinkles on her face, and her skin looks smooth. 

She Voiced Her Opinion About A News Piece Related To Plastic Surgery

Thomas may not have spoken any word related to the rumors of her getting plastic surgery. However, she has spoken about a child getting plastic surgery to deal with bullying.

According to Stylercaster, Samantha Shaw, age 7, underwent otoplasty, or the procedure to pin her ears back, on April 5, 2011, to stop bullying. Her mother, Cammie, took her from South Dakota to New York for surgery to correct a fold on the right ear and pin back both her ears.

Marlo Thomas and Warren Berlinger in the sitcom That Girl
Marlo Thomas and Warren Berlinger in the sitcom That Girl( Source : imdb )

The actress asked her followers if the parents who thought surgery would be a better option to deal with bullying were right or not. She also added she is passionately concerned about bullying but wonders if the parents could have thought of other solutions. 

What Happened To Marlo Thomas Face?

Some netizens say that Marlo has undergone surgery to look young, but few parts of her face show that the work has hurt her appearance. Instead, people say that it looks obvious that she had gone under the knife as the results look artificial. 

Rather than a natural look, her appearance looks artificial. Additionally, studies say that use of Botox for a long time could turn out to be unattractive because it can freeze certain muscles almost permanently, writes Herinterest.

Many of the surgery experts have commented on what kind of procedures she may have taken. One of the clinics that provides this service posted a blog summarizing what are the things that went wrong with her face because of the surgery. 

Things That Went Wrong With Her Facelift

Kalos Facial Plastic Surgery published a blog piece in 2014 mentioning what went wrong with Marlo's surgery. They claim that it is obvious that the actress has gone under the knife. 

The blog argued that her plastic surgery has caused her to appear highly artificial. However, it is evident from the pictures that she looks very different from what people remember her from That Girl, which even won her a Golden Globe award. 

Marlo Thomas voiced opinion about a plastic surgery done by a child on her Facebook
Marlo Thomas voiced opinion about a plastic surgery done by a child on her Facebook ( Source : facebook )

It is clearly seen that she had done the work on her nose and had brow lifts, facelifts, and filler injections. Her face appears stretched, pulled back, and looks strange in the most recent photos.

Her skin is stretched out, giving the impression that her entire face is much bigger than it actually is, and her nose also seems weird and does not suit her look. 

Marlo Thomas Facelift and Cosmetic Surgery Rumors Addressed

Marlo has not addressed the rumors about her facelift and cosmetic surgery. The rumors had begun almost a decade ago when she was in her 70s. 

Many cyberians argued that she looked young despite her age and claimed no one would have a face with no wrinkles and sagging skin in their 70s. Some even said that she had aged gracefully. 

Since the personality has not talked about her face and how she still looks young and beautiful, many people do not believe the rumor.

Some FAQs

Has Marlo Thomas Had Plastic Surgery?

Experts believe that Marlo Thomas has had plastic surgery.

What happened to Marlo Thomas face?

Many believe Marlo Thomas's face looks distorted due to her facelift procedures.

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