Was Hank Green Arrested For Stealing A Lemur?

Hank Green kidnapped a lemur when he was 16 years old ( Source : Theverge )

Hank Green, a well-known US-based vlogger, apparently stole a Lemur from Central Florida Zoo in 1996. It has been reported that he was just 16 years old then. 

He is a musician, entrepreneur, author, online producer, YouTuber, and science communicator from the United States.

Green is well-known for founding and presenting the instructional YouTube channels Crash Course and SciShow, as well as for co-founding and hosting the Vlogbrothers YouTube channel with his older brother, novelist John Green.

In addition, he has promoted and coordinated social activism, launched music albums, hosted a number of other YouTube channels, and acquired a sizable TikTok following.

Was Hank Green Arrested For Stealing A Lemur?

There is an article flowing on the web where a 16-year-old boy Hank Green was accused of kidnapping a Lemur. Now netizens have connected the case to an American vlogger who is 42 years old today. 

If we go deeper into the research, the article was published in the year 1996, when the vlogger was actually 16 years old. The report says that the teenager was hiding inside the zoo and had an intention of sneaking out with the animal the next morning. As of now, Green has not addressed this news but everything that has been revealed suggests that the teenager who got detained was the vlogger Hank Green. 

Twitter is currently in disbelief after the news blew up. A TYwitteratti named Mel tweets, "did you guys know Hank Green kidnapped a lemur from a zoo when he was 16" In this, another one replies that he always wanted to take a monkey from the zoo. 

Similarly, Schindie writes, "if people don’t stop asking hank green about the lemur situation, I’m gonna lose it. He’ll address it when he’s ready; give the man time" This tweet seemed the most mature and reasonable of all. Something that happened years ago, when he was completely naive, should not hamper the empire he's built today with so much dedication and hard work. 

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Hank Green Charges And Jail Time

Stealing an endangered animal has been considered a federal crime by the law. As only a cut of the article has been doing rounds on the web, his penalty will have to be figured out. 

Hank possibly stayed in jail for 60 to 90 days. There are chances that he got bail after paying a fine of around $100 dollars. These are the brief penalties coined for stealing an animal. Further, as he was only 16 years old, not even an adult, there are chances that he was sent to juvenile jail for a few days and his punishments probably got reduced considering his age. 

Going to a similar case, in 2018, in two raids, according to evidence presented at Preston Crown Court, Bradley Tomes stole two Humboldt penguins, twelve spoonbills, and three macaws from the South Lakes Safari Zoo in Cumbria.

Tomes, 25, was caught red-handed, as per Judge Beverley Lunt, after a wildlife keeper in Nottinghamshire bought the penguins and raised the alarm.


Hank Green Mugshots And Rumors On Twitter

Hank Green's mugshots from 1996 are not available on the web. This news has not come to the digital space, and the pictures can be found nowhere. Twitter is actively searching for it, but all in vain. 

There are several opinions regarding this among the netizens. However, this will only stop once the vlogger himself addresses it. For now, it is important we remain sensitive and give him time.

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