Was Blake Snell In An Accident? Padres Subreddit Goes Wild As Tomorrow's Game Commences

Padres pitcher, Blake Snell rumored to be in an accident
Padres pitcher, Blake Snell rumored to be in an accident( Source : instagram )

Rumor has it that Padres player Blake Snell was involved in a car accident last night, which has his fans concerned about his appearance in the game today.

The news of his accident came out from the Padres Reddit discussion thread, where one of the users shared their concern over the accident of the baseball player with no further details.

With the latest losses, an accident hurting Bryce Harper and another injury of a fellow teammate, things seem to be going downhill for Blake Snell.

Was Blake Snell In An Accident? Padres Reddit Discussion

According to the Padres Reddit discussions, some fans raised concerns about the baseball player Blake Snell's involvement in a car accident.

The post read, "Blake Snell got in an accident on I-5 tonight. Just passed him and he looked fine, can't say the same for his car."

They further raised their concern about the player being unable to pitch the next day at his game. Other users commented on the post with curiosity about the events and concern for the player.


Some were more concerned about his Mercedes, while others in the comments refused to believe that the news was confirmed.

People pondering on the news of the accident with no actual details, while some fans admitted that it's a bad time for the Padres, filled the Blake Snell's accident Reddit thread.

Another tweet provided more information on the incident, stating more details on the Padres player's accident that thrashed his car.

What Happened To The Padres Player?

According to a recent post, Blake Snell got pulled over by traffic for speeding when another driver ran into his car, causing the accident.

The user revealed that the police officer and the pitcher are both fine with minor injuries, and the driver who ran into Snell's car was driving under the influence.


Another person commented saying that he heard it from the SDPD watch commander that the accident did take place, saying,

"Although there was no mention it was Snell who'd been pulled over. I was told the driver who hit the cop's car had a minor complaint of pain, but there were no other injuries."

Now that multiple users clarified the news of the star player's accident, fans are wishing him his best health and even saying it is okay to miss today's start if he needs some rest.

But according to the sources, Blake seems to be doing well other than the fact that he was speeding into traffic which was a part of the incident.

Blake Snell Replacement

Blake Snell and his team, the San Diego Padres, are having a hard time this season with too many losses and their hope for strengthening the team; Blake is also not having his best season this year, causing some rumors about his replacement.

The pitcher returned to the team after a long break due to his injury and finally made it back into the group with high expectations from the fans.

However, he recently had a scare with his pitch, injuring another player, Bruce Harper, and it seems he hasn't been the same. With his latest accident rumors, it is not looking great for Snell, but there have not been any talks of replacing him yet.

Fans were concerned for his well-being amidst the accident rumors, but since the player is doing fine, Padres is not likely to replace Snell.

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