Is Vladimir Zhirinovsky Dead? Veteran Russian Politician Cause Of Death And Illness

Vladimir Zhirinovsky, a veteran Russian politician, has been rumored to be dead on the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war. Is this another propaganda on the 21st-century European war, or is the politician dead? Let's find out.

Vladimir is a well-renowned Russian politician who presently serves as the Leader of the Liberal Democratic party of Russia. The political is considered a nationalist by the Russian citizen for his ideology and agenda.

He has been given the nickname "showman of Russian politics" for his outstanding achievement in the betterment of the nation. However, a shocking rumor of his death has surfaced on the internet, which is creating a panic on social media.

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Is Vladimir Zhirinovsky Dead? A Thorough Investigation For The Cause Of Death And Illness

According to mixed Russia media, the Russian politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky has died. However, several sources claim that he is alive. People believe that Russia is trying hard to keep this detail away from the media due to the ongoing war.

The citizen-favorite politician Vladimir took his last breath on the 25th of March at the age of 75.

Since early February, he had been admitted to the hospital after testing positive for COVID-19 and developing pneumonia. His latest condition was stated as stable, and he had been getting treatment from some of the best professionals.

However, the virus got the upper hand. The politician died due to the failure of lungs, as suggested by the medical report. People all over the world are passing their condolences to the lost one. Russian citizens are mourning the death of one of their best.

Meet Vladimir Zhirinovsky Wife: Married Life And Children Explored 

Vladimir was married to his wife, Galina Lebedeva, a professional Virologist. She, alongside many big brains, was given a tiring research task of COVID-19. 

The couple exchanged their vows in front of their friends and family in 1971. However, the marriage could not last more than seven years, and the couple called it a quit in 1978.

Vladimir, alongside his ex-wife, was blessed with three children, two boys, and a girl. They are named Igor Lebedev, Oleg Gazdarov, and Anastasiya Petrova. 

Vladimir Zhirinovsky Net Worth In 2022 Discovered

The politician Vladimir Zhirinovsky had been very confidential about his net worth on media. Being one of the reputed politicians, Russian media had tried their best to disclose his net worth, which was an unsuccessful attempt.

He used to earn his living as the finest politician for the Liberal Democratic Party. Vladimir was focused on transforming Russia into the world's biggest economic powerhouse. 

Vladimir was a leader with a work-driven mentality rather than a revenue-generating corruptionist. With all his success and achievement in professional life, Vladimir was expected to have a net worth in terms of millions of dollars.

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