Vivian Brown

Vivian Brown -

The vivaciously mesmerizing, deeply sensed television personality, Vivian Brown was sensibly one of a kind of her generation. Drawn mostly by the personified identification through The Weather Channel, the way of portraying a weather reporting simply got her redefined. Being born from a black family, she got the charm of a black and beautiful mixture in her. Her simple attitude and charismatic persona she had her unique way if simplifying her on screen resonance with as great sense of styling.


With a smile to die for and the signature fashion styles, she keeps on dazzling the television world all her perfection. A soft intellect tone of speech, high legs, long black curls and hot eyes and physique she is regarded one of the most recognized black beauties of television. A meteorologist by profession and a co-host for the morning encounters of the Weather Channel’s Weather Center Live, which premiered every day of the week. Being in link with the channel from 1986, she had a long running career to boost her outstanding signification.


She was born in Jackson, MS of the United States to William Brown and Dr. ReJohnna Brown and had her early education from the hometown. Coming from an African-American origin, she was a bright student and often had her education scholarships. Also being a good athlete, she had handful of national and inter-national acclaims in her name. She got her B.A in Meteorology from her hometown university called The Jackson State University. Emerging as a homely girl, she liked to spend much of her time with her parents. She had lot of early interests on her reading experiences. She played tennis and loved music. She divulged and got her interest in every genres of music aviating from rock, pop, R n B to rap and likely the folk country songs. Her likes in music included LiL’ Wayne, Beyonce, John Mayer and Dolly Parton to name the few. By being deeply fascinated in nature, the formation of the clouds and the weather changes she most preferably was starting as a meteorologist. She decided to become a meteorologist from her high school, which suggests her firm determination in career foundation from her young age.


Her career expansion of 25 years made her included in television hosting, the likes of which was seen in The Weather Channel series of Afternoon Outlook which lasted from 2003 until 2006. She also starred in PM Edition Weekend after 2006 and did it until 2010. In addition, a weather forecasting television hosting in Day Planner which she overtook after her departure from PM Edition in 2010 until 2013. Her career did not seem to see any difficulties as her firm co-hosting implied an honorable compilation to take her career into a different level.


Being hot and having a great style of fashion the celebrity of the small screen dazzled many audiences boosting up the channel ratings. Back in her days when as he had to work inside a small room with limited source of technology she did proved herself. With her height, long legs and mixture of red and black wardrobes or it be the sense of styling herself in different forms of styles she outstandingly made her mark. Even when the forecast of the weather was bad, her presence in the screen made the audience feel relieved and kept them glued until the end of it. She had shared the screen space with most of the co-hosts.


Due to the exposition of great signature styling, compared with Whitney Houston and Tina Turner, more of which looks like Michelle Obama of these days she had out-grown her generation. She is 5 feet 11 inches in height. Her styles made her known as Rose among the audiences of the United States. The sheer talent of her hosting that out spoke the weather reporting connected with the audiences. Here mere presence on the screen was fine enough to tell the viewers the forecasting of rainfalls, storms, hazardous hurricanes and tornados. Her weather prediction kept the entire viewers occupied and well informed about the out coming natural disasters.


Vivian Brown got married after successful career in meteorology and television. She keeps her private information about her husband compromised. Her high profile stardom on-screen is very different from her low profile lifestyle. She likes to keep it private. She got pregnant three times experiencing motherhood. She has three children and is happily married. Much of her personal life information is not that evident to the media. Her expected net worth and salary seems to be an issue of gossip as after two decades of television career she definitely has her mouthful of income. Her bio also posted in Wikipedia. After those, entire career in television she still looks scintilla-tingly beautiful.