Tyrese Maxey And James Harden Beef

As of now, both Tyrese Maxey and James Harden have not talked much about their Beef in the media. 

Although people can see that something is going on between them, Tyrese doesn't seem to be satisfied with James. 

It was on the game against Miami, where Tyrese was seen ignoring the senior player. 

Tyrese was not willing to seat with James, as James was trying to sit with Maxey. 

James moved twice to be with Tyrese, but Tyrese seem to be not too happy and decided to move away from James. 

The youtube video about the incident has gone viral, and people have been asking questions to the coach and other teammates about the incident. 

People have seen a video of Maxey moving away from Harden twice on the bench a million times on YouTube.

The video implies that the two of them don't seem to like each other, as both of them are avoiding each other. 

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What Happened Between Tyrese Maxey And James Harden?

As of now, the detail about what happened between Tyrese Maxey and James Harden is hard to know. 

But it seems that both of them are fighting for the place, as they are been at the place of Joel Embiid. 

Joel is injured and is in the resting phase, and both James and Tyrese are trying to at his place. 

And many of the players have said that James has become old, and is not able to be at his best. 

And it could be James Harden that needed to be the one who earlier was the superstar. 

According to the cbssports, Hardline isn't the superstar he used to be, and Daryl Morey is not able to bring the old Harden back. 

Yet, for now, the official statement by both the player is not on the internet, and it seems that the Beef could be resolved by the coaches and teammates. 

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