Tyre Sampson Heartbreaking Last Words- What Injuries Did He Die From?

Tyre Sampson's family and friends are devastated by his untimely death and the last words, the teenager uttered. To discover more, keep reading.

A 14-year-old Missouri amateur football player, Tyre Sampson, died after falling from the ICON Park's Orlando Free Fall coaster. A disturbing video of his terrible demise has surfaced on the internet.

Sheriff John Mina of Orange County expressed his "deepest sympathies" to Sampson's family during a press conference, and that the department's victims' advocates have been in touch with them.

Tyre Sampson Heartbreaking Last Words: Friend Interview Details

It was terrible to learn about the loss of a 14-year-old kid who died after falling from a roller coaster. Tyre's last words have lately been revealed, and they were heartbreaking.

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At the moment of his death, Tyre stated, "If I don't make it down tell my mom and dad I love them." His parents' hearts have been ripped apart as a result of hearing his dying words.

It's awful to helplessly watch a loved one die.

Who Are Tyre Sampson's Mother And Father?

Tyre Sampson was born to Yarnell Sampson and Wendy Sampson, his father, and mother. When their beloved 14-year-old son died in front of their eyes, his parents were distraught.

Similarly, when the tragedy happened and Tyre Sampson, 14, died, the Florida Police Department shut off the area and began an investigation.

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Moreover, Sampson, 14, was a Missouri high school student when he was killed. He was said to be in Florida, California, for the holidays with a family and a friend.

Tyre became panicked, according to his devastated father, and shared a terrifying vision with his two best friends, who were sitting next to him on the journey.

Tyre Sampson Death: What Injuries Did He Die From? 

Tyre Sampson, 14, died after falling off a coaster at the ICON amusement park in Orlando, Florida, on Thursday night.

Additionally, according to new 911 call audio obtained by the Sun, a bystander felt that the teen's safety belt had not been properly attached.

Reportedly, Tyre's injuries were severely recounted by the 911 caller, who said he was unconscious but perhaps still alive.

The individual stated that he had blood on his feet and that he was still alive at the time. He seemed to have broken limbs and legs, and he was breathing but not responding, she added.

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