20+ Types of Potatoes from Around the World

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Potatoes are an important food and cash crop all around the world. Based on growing conditions and geographical locations, there are more than 200 different varieties of potatoes available throughout the world.  Each variety has a suitable geographical condition where the potatoes thrive.

In the worldwide scenario as of 2023, China is the biggest potato producer in the world followed by India, Ukraine and the United States. Here, we talk about twenty different types of potatoes from around the world.

1. Russet Potatoes

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Russet Potatoes are long, dark brown-skinned potatoes most widely grown in North America. These potatoes are high in starch making them perfect for baking, roasting, mashing and making french fries. 

Russet Norkotah and Russet Burbank are common varieties famous around the world.

2. Idaho Potatoes

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Not to be confused with russet potatoes, Idaho potatoes are grown only in Idaho, one of the northwestern US states. The environmental conditions such as climate, irrigation and rich volcanic soil make the production recognizable as premium potatoes around the world.

The commonly grown potatoes in Idaho include russets, Yukon Golds, Fingerlings and Reds. Idaho potatoes can be used in recipes such as turkey hash, casseroles, soups, French fries and cakes. 

3. Red Potatoes

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Red potatoes are known to have originated in the mountains of Peru. These potatoes are red-skinned and have low starch making them waxy. These potatoes therefore hold their shape even after cooking which is perfect for boiling, roasting or slicing.   

Some popular modofied varieties include Red La Soda and Red Norland. Red potatoes can be used in recipes like casserole, skillet potatoes, creamy potatoes, fried smashes, roasted and many more. 

4. Yukon Potatoes

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Yukon potatoes are known to be originated from Ontario, Canada. These potatoes are thin, gold to light brown-skinned, speckled and smooth with yellow flesh. They are known for their creamy texture and buttery flavor. 

Yukon Gold potatoes and Yukon Gem Gold are popular varieties. These potatoes can be crispily roasted, grilled, fried, mashed, souped and boiled.  

5. Fingerling Potatoes

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Fingerling potatoes are known to have originated from the valleys of Peruvian Andes and were later introduced to Spain. These potatoes are named for their finger-like appearance. 

Popular varieties of fingerling potatoes include typical fingerling potatoes, French fingerling and Purple Peruvian Fingerling. These potatoes are widely cooked by roasting because of their nutty and buttery taste. 

6. French Fingerling Potatoes

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French fingerlings are different from typical fingerlings in that they are much rounder than the latter. These potatoes have red skin and possess a low percent of starch. As the name suggests, these fingerlings are native to France and are known for their gourmet quality flavor. 

French Fingerlings can be used in recipes such as roasted fingerlings and crispy baked fingerlings. 

7. Baby Potatoes

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Baby potatoes are simply smaller potatoes that are picked up early before they reach their full size. This gives them a characteristic sweet taste. The thin and delicate skin does not need to be peeled off while cooking. 

Also known as new potatoes or petite potatoes, baby potatoes can be used in a variety of forms including roasted baby potatoes, crispy smashed potatoes and lemon-browned butter baby potatoes.

8. Purple Potatoes

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Purple potatoes are one of the wild varieties of potatoes native to South America. As the name suggests, these potatoes are purple in color because of the presence of anthocyanin pigment. Being a delicious and versatile form of potato, it also comes with surplus health benefits as it is full of fiber, antioxidants, and vitamin C. 

You can prepare roasted potatoes, mashed potatoes, gnocchi, pie, chips, and various other delicacies out of these potatoes.

9. Ratte/ Asparges Potatoes

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Ratte potatoes are native to Denmark and France. These potatoes are small, smooth and have a buttery texture. Also known by the name La Ratte and La Reine Ratte du Touquet, these spuds are low in starch and have golden skin.

Favorite of French chefs, these potatoes are used to make potato puree, mashed potatoes, salads and casseroles.  

10. Marfona Potatoes

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Marfona originated in the Netherlands around 1975. It has light yellow to brown skin, oval shape and creamy flesh. It has a moderately waxy texture and is popular in the UK.

Marfona is a versatile all-rounder and is suitable for roasting, mashing, chipping, boiling and baking.  

11. Bintje Potatoes

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Bintje was bred in the Netherlands in 1910. These potatoes are small to medium in size and smooth and rounded in shape. The skin color is golden and the flesh is yellowish. These potatoes are known to grow in cold and dry weather.

Bintje is a creamy variety of potatoes and can be used in fries, mashed and roasted recipes. 

12. Maris Piper Potatoes

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Maris Piper Potatoes are varieties of potatoes that originated in Ireland. These potatoes are small to medium in size and oval in shape. The skin is light tan to brown in color and the flesh is yellow to creamy. The high starch content makes them fall apart after cooking.

Maris Piper is good for baking and mashing but not good for boiling. Moreover, they can be crispily roasted or baked to make a Hasselback. 

13. King Edward Potatoes

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King Edward is a potato variety grown in the UK since 1902. The name was provided in honor of King Edward VII to commemorate his coronation in that year. These potatoes are medium to large in size and oval in shape. The skin is light tan to brown in color with some pinkish spots. The flesh is however milky to light cream in color and starchy in texture. 

King Edward potatoes shine when roasted as the cream-colored hue can be seen after cooking. These potatoes can be mashed, boiled, baked and chipped. Besides, these potatoes can be used in casseroles, gnocchi, cakes and stews.  

14. Desiree Potatoes

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Desiree potatoes were bred in the Netherlands in 1962. These potatoes have pink-red skin and creamy yellowish flesh. They are all-around versatile potatoes that are both waxy and starchy. 

Desiree potatoes can be roasted, mashed or used to make sauce and gnocchi.

15. Kennebec Potatoes

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Kennebec potatoes were bred by USDA in 1941. The shape of these potatoes is oblonged with stouted ends and size varies from medium to large. The skin of these potatoes is smooth with shades of ivory and tan. These all-purpose potatoes are starchy and can be used in a variety of dishes.

Kennebec potatoes are used for creaming when they are young. When these potatoes are mature, they can be used by frying, baking, mashing and boiling.

16. Phureja

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Phureja also known as Colombian Creolle Potatoes and Papa Criolla are varieties of potatoes that originated from Andes Valley in South America. Colombians are known to love Papa Criolla potatoes. These potatoes are small, yellow in color and creamy in texture. These potatoes are known for their exceptional culinary quality. 

Papa Criolla is one of the three kinds of potatoes used to make ajiaco, the traditional soup.  These potatoes can be fried, roasted and used to make Papas Chorreadas.

17. Rooster Potatoes

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Rooster Potatoes are known to have originated in Ireland. They are general-purpose potatoes with deep red skin. These potatoes are oval in shape with medium to large size. The flesh is dry, yellowish and floury.

Their use is versatile and can be used in boiling, baking, roasting and chipping. The various recipes that can be prepared using these potatoes are wedges, crunchy roasted potatoes, et cetera. 

18. Champion Potatoes

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Champion potatoes were bred in Scotland and later widely grown in Ireland. These potatoes are round and flattened. They are floury, have white to purple skin and yellowish flesh.

Champion potatoes are generally used in mashed format implied in traditional Irish champ recipes. 

19. Anya Potatoes

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Anya Potatoes are known to have originated in Scotland in 1996. It was obtained from a cross between Desiree and Pink Fir Apple potatoes. It is a finger potato with a long knobbly oval shape. The skin has pinkish beige and the flesh is whitish. It is a waxy type of tuber with more moisture content. The flavor is slightly nutty and tastes great when served hot or cold. 

Anya Potatoes can be used in recipes by roasting, baking and in the form of salads.

20. La Bonnotte Potatoes

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La Bonnotte is the most expensive potatoes in the world known to have originated in Barfleur. They are grown on the Island of the Bay of Biscay in France and are expensive due to low production.

These potatoes are small-sized and round in shape. The taste is said to be the most delicate taste in the world enriched with a lemony flavor that gets salty afterward. The unique starchy texture reminds you of walnuts. 

These most expensive potatoes are prepared for Thanksgiving, Christmas or any special Thanksgiving dinner. This caviar of potatoes can be used in recipes such as casserole and anything that is French! 

Other Popular Potatoes

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The list of the popular potatoes does not end here. Apart from popular wild species, cultivars have been developed and are still being developed to develop a perfect breed with desired qualities. Some other popular varieties of potatoes are listed below:

  • Rose Fin Potatoes
  • Peruvian Blue Potatoes
  • Pink Fir Apple Potatoes
  • Golden Wonder Potatoes
  • Irish White Potatoes
  • British Queen Potatoes
  • Red Duke or York Seed Potatoes
  • Ramos Seed Potatoes
  • Arran Victory Seed Potatoes
  • Cara Potatoes
  • Charlotte Potatoes
  • Guard Potatoees

China which is the largest producer of potatoes however does not have reported popular varieties. Studies have quoted the prevalence of some less popular varieties such as Favorita, Milar and Kexin1. 

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