Types Of Car Body And Styles With Pictures

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Vehicles can be classified into different groups depending on their body style, car segment, size, fuel, and purpose. Based on this category, it becomes easy to differentiate a specific car from another. Further, it helps you to learn and understand the unique features of your vehicle.

The most common way to identify a vehicle type is through its look. Imagine a vehicle is approaching you, what will be the first thing you observe? Mostly, it is the style, color, and size. This is known as ‘body style’. Here are 20 car bodies and styles with pictures.

1. SUV

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SUV is usually known for their off-road abilities and spacious features. They are preferred during a long journey for a comfortable ride even in a rugged, rough cross-country terrain. The seats are placed high which allows a better and clear view of the road. They have a muscular body-on-frame construction that is derived from trucks.

SUVs have a cargo space similar to that of the station wagon that can be reached through a flip-up hatchback door. SUVs come in different sizes, ranging from small cars (Hyundai Kona), to medium and full sizes (Ford Expedition).

2. Crossover

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Crossovers are a type of compact SUV that developed into their own type as a result of increased population. They have the hauling and off-road ability of SUVs but with minimal dimension and a sportier look. Just like SUVs, crossovers provide a raised seat for a better view, a large cargo area from ceiling to floor, and fold-down seats.

A crossover basically is a combination of an SUV and a hatchback. Practically, Crossovers can be linked with SUVs but its fuel efficiency factor matches with that of a hatchback. It is also compared with a sedan. Subaru Forester and Toyota RAV4 are some examples.

3. Sedan

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A Sedan is a four-door passenger car with a traditional trunk. The sedan has a three-box design that includes the engine at the front, passengers in the middle, and cargo in different sections, ensuring proper weight management and a better ride. The cargo does not have a glass window, offering protection against theft. The roof of the car is closed and it is spacious enough to fit 4-5 people.

Just like any other car category, Sedan comes in different sizes, such as small or subcompact (Nissan Versa); compact (Honda Civic); midsize (Honda Accord); and full-size (Toyota Avalo).

4. Landaulet

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A Landaulet is a type of car where the front seat is covered by a convertible top leaving the rear seat open. Just like a Limousine, the driver compartment is separated from the rear passenger compartment. It is defined by the leather seats and beautiful interior surface.

This type of car was widely used in the mid-20s for great dignitaries to use as a means of formal parades or processions to get close to large crowds. However, today these types of cars are less popular due to security reasons. Some examples are the 1966 Rolls-Royce Phantom V, the 1934 Austin 12/4 taxicab, and others.

5. Hatchback

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Previously Hatchback was known as a compact or subcompact sedan that had a squared-off roof and a rear flip-up hatch door for the cargo area. They usually come in two to four-door versions and are recognized as compact cars while still having cargo space. They are fuel efficient as compared to other cars. However, it cannot carry loads like an SUV, truck, or minivan.

Similar to a sedan, Hatchback has more cargo space than sedans. The Volkswagen Golf and Kia Rio are examples of Hatchback models.

6. Convertible

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Convertibles are popularly known for their artistic and stylish design. They have been featured in cinemas as a symbol of freedom and youth. These cars have a small hold and can fit only two people. The passenger cabins are small with retractable canopies.

Some cars have an electric fabric roof that folds down automatically, while some car requires manual support. Some models have retractable hardtops while some have quasi-convertible also known as Targa-Tops just like Mazda MX-5 Miata RF, Porsche 911 Targa, and Corvette.

7. Shooting Brake

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The Shooting Brake is a type of car that has a unique body shape. They are recognized through their lengthy sterns and wide cabin spaces. It is a station wagon design of a coupe car, rather than a sedan design. It has two doors capable enough to accompany one driver and one passenger with a long, slender body.

A simple definition of this car includes a two-door sporty coupe and wagon-style roofline. The classic Volvo P1800 from the 1960s perfectly explains a proper Shooting Brake. Ferrari FF, and, Dodge Demon are the latest versions.

8. Coupe

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These cars have a simple look with two doors, a trunk, and a roof. One of the attractive features of this car is the sloping roofline, that gives a sportier look. Coupes are usually small and take minimal space, usually great for two people.

Earlier, the Ford Mustang and Audi A5 and sports cars like the Chevrolet Corvette with two doors, roofs, and trucks were considered coupes. But its meaning has expanded in recent days to mean a car with four doors, or a crossover with sleek rooflines. Mercedes C Class and the Porsche Cayman S are the modern coupes.

9. Hybrid/Electric

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Over the last few years, most automobile makers have launched their version of electric cars. Audi, Porsche, BMW, and Mercedes are growing large with their electric versions of cars. Tesla is one of the greatest names in the electric vehicle market.

Electric or hybrid cars have a sleek design with quieter performance and emit no exhaust. They are eco-friendly. They have inverters, a cooling system, a charger, and a conventional battery inside. Electric cars offer more cargo space than combustion engine cars. Nissan Leaf, Toyota Prius, and BMW i4 are some of its examples.

10. Minivan

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Minivans are designed keeping in mind more cabin space rather than storage space. These types of cars are mostly linked with station wagon and family cars. The car is not what the name suggests, it has the capacity to accommodate the whole family.

It has a wide cargo space but is smaller than a hatchback. There are tall boxes on wheels with sliding side doors for comfortable access and a tailgate. Some minivans have foldable second and third-row seats that can be removed making even large space for cargo. The Honda Odyssey and Chrysler Pacifica are examples of minivans.

11. Sports Car

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Sports cars are identified by their dynamic performance, such as acceleration, high speed, and handling. They are small luxury cars designed specifically for speed with limited cargo and cabin space. They usually come with two seats and although they fall under the category of luxury cars, their main focus is performance.

They are the coolest-looking Coupes convertible, with a sleek roofline, close to the ground, and usually expensive. Porsche 911 and Mazda Miata are typical examples of sports cars, but they also include the Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger.

12. Station Wagon

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Station Wagon aka Estate cars are similar to a sedan with elongated shapes, offering additional cargo space. It is a combination of a sedan and a hatchback. This car is considered to be the best solution for a large family outing. Apart from being a spacious car, it has a better fuel economy than its companion cars like SUVs.

Cars like the Subaru Outback and Audi A4 All Road has lifted ground space and some rough body tend to make them seem like a sport-utility vehicle (SUV), however, they find themselves related to sedans.

13. Jeep

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Jeep is a midsized SUV that is designed to handle and travel roughed terrain, that includes rocks, slopes, and mud. Its size sits between full-size and compact SUVs and provides comfort, style as well and great performance. Although it is similar to SUVs, they both are different in terms of usage.

SUVs are mostly used in urban settings whereas Jeep is useful for off-road settings. It is a spacious car that can fit up to five people. Jeep Compass and Jeep Meridian are some examples.

14. Spyder

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The Spyder is a type of car that includes two seats and has the style of a sports car with a convertible top. This type of car is only suitable for two people. They are designed to offer a sporty and stylish look. There are many variants of this car. The Lamborghini Spyder is one of the popular and widely recognized spyders.

Spyder is mostly regarded as a Roadster, which originally meant a horse that could ride on a clear road. It has two doors and the cargo space is comparably smaller than many cars.

15. Hot Hatch

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The hot hatch is a car with great performance that takes inspiration for its design from the hatchback. Hot Hatch has a similar open door to the hatchback that swings open in the back and an identical shape. Although it is not as spacious as a hatchback, it can easily accompany up to five passengers and has a large cargo space.

This type of car has found importance in the European and Asian continents. A hot hatch differs from a hatchback by its performance. It is an upgraded version of the hatchback. The Ford Fiesta ST is the hot hatch while the Ford Fiesta is simply a hatchback.

16. Limousine

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Limousine is regarded as one of the luxury cars in the world. These cars are recognized through their long length and a partition between the driver and the passenger compartment. This type of car is usually driven by a chauffeur and is available after pre-booking. The richest people in the world, or movie stars, politicians, and businessmen own this car.

The partition has a glass window from where the passenger can talk to the driver. The car has a large passenger space that can fit up to 26 people with limited cargo space.

17. Military Vehicle

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Military Vehicles are the type of truck that can sustain combat and resistance on the battlefield. Since they can withstand bullets and blasts, their body is designed with bulletproof materials. Military vehicles range from small jeeps to large trucks. Large trucks fall under the category of heavy vehicles with two compartments.

The behind compartment is bigger and can fit at least 20 people, but mostly, they are used to transport fuel and other heavy materials. The vehicle is usually colored in camouflaged or unnoticeable color. The jeep-like vehicles have an open passenger as well as driver's seat.

18. Pony Car

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Pony cars are cheap, compact, highly styled coupes or convertibles with a sporty look. Their common feature includes a lengthy hood, rear-wheel drive, and small cargo space. The top of the car is designed at a low angle. They are smaller and more refined than a muscle car.

The popularity of the pony car is due to the launch of the Ford Mustang in 1964. They were highly popular during the 1960s and even surpassed many sales records in the United States. Some recently produced pony cars are the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, and Dodge Challenger.

19. Dragster

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Dragster is a long, narrow, and fast car specially built for drag races. They are commonly called diggers and can be divided into three groups depending on the type of fuel they use: methanol, gasoline, and nitromethane.

It has a thin tire on the front axle, whereas wide rubbers are used on the rear axle. A dragster with a large engine allows the car to reach the fastest speed and finish a long race in a shorter time. The 1992 Chevrolet Corvette Dragster is one such example.

20. Sports Sedan

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Sports sedans AKA Sports saloons are the type of cars that have high-performance quality and exquisite handling nature. These type of cars incorporates the characteristics of a sports car and a sedan. Just like a sedan, they have four doors and two rows of seats. It has the capability to fit four to five people.

Their cargo space is of average capacity. Sports sedans are also sometimes referred to as muscle cars in the US relating to V8-powered cars with two doors. Popular sports sedans are the Jaguar F-Type, BMW M5, Alfa Romeo Giulia, and others.

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