Turtleman Accident or Heart Attack: What Happened To Turtle Man aka Ernie Brown Jr?

Turtleman was in a very bad accident as posted by Call For The Wildman: Turtleman's Facebook page. Follow the article till the end to learn more. 

Ernie Brown, also known as Turtleman, is a well-known television character best known for his role in Call of the Wildman. Ernie, his pal Neal James, and his canine, Lolly Brown, participated in the great American reality show, which has been shown for four seasons.

Essentially, the present ran a nuisance animal removal business. Within the four seasoned exhibitions, they collected and released troublesome animals. According to reports, the reality show was recorded near his house in Lebanon, Kentucky. When he was just seven years old, he began catching turtles.

Let us learn more about Turtleman and take a closer look at his accident and death. 

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Turtleman Accident: What Happened To Turtle Man aka Ernie Brown Jr?

Turtleman aka Ernie Brown Jr was in a very bad accident according to a Facebook post by Call For The Wildman: Turtleman. 

The post urged the followers to pray for his wellbeing and his speedy recovery. As the post was shared on Facebook, his fans and followers started pouring prayers. 

However, the post does not reveal much about his accident or the circumstance of his accident. Other news outlets have also not revealed much about the accident as well. 

Ernie could have been in a car crash or have been attacked by a dangerous animal that he was trying to catch and rescue. As of now, there is no confirmation about what actually happened to Turtleman, but he was in a bad shape. 

Turtleman Dies Of Heart Attack

Turtleman is reportedly dead. 

According to On Trend, he suffered a heart attack or also known in medical terms as myocardial infarction. 

It is said that the Turtleman reportedly died from a heart attack. Turtleman experienced a myocardial infarction [or heart attack] according to the legal medical practitioner who evaluated him for the police.

Official statement regarding the death of Turtleman has not come to the surface yet, but rumors of his death have been trending on the internet. 

The link between Turtleman's accident and his death from a heart attack has also not been established. Once the official statement of his death comes online, everything will be clear. 

Turtleman Family Explored

Turtleman was a family man. 

He was previously married to his wife Debbie. 

The couple shared two daughters, Courtney and Megan, together before deciding to end their marriage. 

Talking about his daughters, Courtney has type 1 diabetes, and Megan's face is mostly paralyzed, preventing her from smiling. 

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