Inside Jeopardy Sensation Troy Meyer and Wife Genevieve Sheehan Relationship

Troy shares about his connection with Jeopardy and his partner Genevieve
Troy shares about his connection with Jeopardy and his partner Genevieve ( Source : the-sun )

Troy Meyer wife Genevieve Sheehan is a Harvard graduate. Troy and Genevieve met in 2009 and got married in 2010.

Troy met his partner in 2009. They met as strangers on a Jeopardy website when she was practicing to compete on the show. They shared similar interests and treasured knowledge. 

They quickly felt the connection and married a year into their relationship. Since then, their bond has been going on strong, starting a family.

Both of them have been fans of Jeopardy since a young age. Troy is currently a contestant there, and he has caught the attention of fans through his outstanding performance.

He is a strong contestant, and his spouse plays a big role in his success. 

Troy Meyer and Wife Genevieve Sheehan Relationship

Troy Meyer wife Genevieve Sheehan hails from Ireland. Troy and Genevieve married on December 30, 2010, in Ireland at St. Mary's Church in Navan.

They eventually settled in Tampa, Florida. All of them loved Jeopardy, and it was their favorite pastime. Since everyone in the family was a fan of the show, Genevieve grew up watching it and eventually became its fan. 

She Has Been Professionally Active Since 2005

According to her Linkedin handle, she completed her bachelor's degree and Master's degree at Harvard. She began working in finance and was an associate at Bain Capital in Boston.

She joined Zynga as Product Manager Intern in 2011. She was promoted to Senior Product Manager in 2012 and worked there until 2014. She continued her work life at Dropbox as Senior Director of Product Management from 2014 to 2020.

Genevieve at Facebook event in 2017
Genevieve at Facebook event in 2017 ( Source : instagram )

She joined Snapdocs as Vice President of Settlement Services in 2021 and worked there for a year. She is currently working as VP of Product and GM, Confluence, at Atlassian. 

Her Relationship With Troy Began Started Online

As mentioned in New York Times, by early 2009, Genevieve had joined an invitation for an only online fan site. She called it like-minded addicts.

One of those addicts, Troy, noticed her and treasured her knowledge for its own sake. He tried to recruit her to an even more dorky site for Jeopardy fans. 

She accepted it as she was going to practice before going on the show. And, in July, they played their first online game which she won. Soon after, they started exchanging messages and often communicated when playing. 

Both had no intentions of dating or falling in love since the site attracted older people. Meyer even thought that she was 55 years old. But, as they continued exchanging messages and texting for many hours, they became part of each other's lives. 

Troy talked about his meet with his spouse on Jeopardy
Troy talked about his meet with his spouse on Jeopardy ( Source : instagram )

Troy developed special feelings for her, but she was in a relationship then. By that time, she was already a contestant on Jeopardy, and it was the first time Troy saw her. 

She did not make it to the end but left a deep impression on Troy. She had already broken up from her previous relationship because of her growing interest in Troy. 

She had seen Troy only in some blurred online images, and they felt they needed to meet each other. Thus, Troy traveled to Boston, and they spent the weekend walking around hand in hand. Within the first 24 hours, they wanted to be together. 

After a month, he moved to Boston, and they started to live together.

Troy and Genevieve on their wedding day
Troy and Genevieve on their wedding day ( Source : bestofweddingphotography )

Troy and Genevieve Journey On Jeopardy

Troy and Genevieve met through Jeopardy. While the couple does not compete together on the show, they have been there for each other.

When Genevieve was competing in 2009, Troy and she used to play games online, which would help in her practice. And, now Troy is competing; she remains in the audience in his every game to support him. 

Troy Is Currently Participating On Jeopardy

Troy, a music producer from Tampa, has already won three games and made $97k and more since his arrival last week.

Many fans believe he may be the next grand champion since he had large margins over other contestants. They are hopeful that he will be going into Final Jeopardy, writes The Sun

Genevieve Was A Contestant In 2009

Genevieve joined Jeopardy as a child. She applied to take part in Junior Jeopardy at the young age of 12. However, she did not succeed at that time.

She had not given up on joining the contest. In 2009, when she was 25 years old, she took part once again. But, she lost after being ahead twice and correctly answering a Daily Double. 

 Genevieve with Alex on Jeopardy in 2009
Genevieve with Alex on Jeopardy in 2009 ( Source : northjersey )

However, it was not a loss for her, but rather a win as she had won her now-husband Meyer through this show. It was the first time where Troy had seen her face and became mesmerized by her. 

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