Who Is Trea Swindle From Chapel Hart? Meet The Women Behind The AGT Band

Trea Swindle, one of the members of Chapel Hart.
Trea Swindle, one of the members of Chapel Hart.( Source : instagram )

Trea Swindle is one of the band members of the country trio, the Chapel Hart including, Danica and Devyn Hart.

Chapel Hart is a country trio comprised of sisters Danica and Devynn Hart and their cousin Trea Swindle, who was chosen as one of CMT's "Next Women of Country 2021" before the release of their sophomore album, The Girls Are Back In Town.

The group has become well-known for its straightforward honesty and unvarnished appeal, as well as for the excellent music video for their previous year's single, "You Can Have Him, Jolene." The group is gaining popularity as a result of its outstanding performance on America's Got Talent.

Who Is Trea Swindle From Chapel Hart? Her Age Explored

Trea is one of the sisters from the trio band called Chapel Hart. She is one of the cousins of Danica and Devyan, the other band members. She appears to be in her thirties right now.

Trea along with her cousins.
Trea along with her cousins.( Source : hotnewsupdates )

Even though she has not revealed her exact date of birth, she looks fairly young and appears to be in her thirties. Her cousins, Danica and Devyan also appear to be around the same age.

Chapel Hart first started in New Orleans. They began performing in several places in New Orleans while also slowly branching out. They appeared on America's Got Talent and showed the world that they are the upcoming country hit.

To mark the event, the sisters had a watching party in Mississippi, and their followers were asked to keep an eye on their local listings to see how they performed and if they advanced. They, thankfully, did. Today, they are loved by many and have secured a fanbase worldwide. 

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Who Are The Other Sisters In The Band? The Origin Of The Band Explored

The other sisters are Trea's cousins. Their names are Danica and Devynn Hart. The group is gaining popularity as a result of their great performance on America's Got Talent. They can handle both melancholy ballads and crazy rave-ups. 

Trea is participating in AGT 2022 with there band Chapel Hart
Trea is participating in AGT 2022 with there band Chapel Hart( Source : parade )

Chapel Hart's three superstars were weaned on country music, and today millions of people enjoy them for their concerts. They all enjoy storytelling and grew up listening to country music. Devynn and Danica Hart of Poplarville, as well as Trea Swindle, began their musical careers in 2018.

After appearing on AGT, the trio has been exposed to a bigger audience. They have fans worldwide and their music is not just limited to an American audience. The band first originated in New Orleans. 

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What Is Trea Swindle Net Worth?

Trea is a great performer. Her performance has won the hearts of many and it is no doubt that she is also earning a decent income through her musical career.

The trio has been earning a decent income after their appearance. Their fans are desperately waiting for the trio to bring out new music. In terms of genre, they provide classic country music with a great spiritual undertone. Similarly, they have lovely harmonies, appealing personalities, and a solid basis as a group.

Judging from their lifestyle, the trio appears to be living a good life. They often travel between places for shows and different events. 

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