Was Trapboy Freddy aka Devarius Moore Arrested? Rapper Drugs Charges In Detail

Rapper Trapboy Freddy allegedly arrested by US Marshalls
Rapper Trapboy Freddy allegedly arrested by US Marshalls( Source : townnews )

Rumors are floating around Twitter that rapper Trapboy Freddy got arrested by US Marshalls following the arrest of another fellow rapper, Yeezy Beezy.

Twitter users have been assuming the reasons for the rapper's arrest along with Yeezy linking the news to death and drug abuse.

Let us learn more about the rapper, his arrest, his real name, the reason for his sudden arrest, and some details about the rapper himself, including his hometown.

Was Trapboy Freddy, Aka Devarius Moore, Arrested? Real Name Of The Rapper

Trapboy Freddy's real name is Devarius Dontez Moore, and fans suspect that the rapper was arrested yesterday based on all the commotion on Twitter from his fans.

Fans are concerned over the rapper's arrest as more sources claim that he was taken into custody by US Marshalls while the cause of the arrest has not been disclosed or clarified.

The rapper himself or his agency has not made any claims or counters against these rumors as he is one to be frequently under the arrest rumors.


Yesterday is not the first time Freddy has gotten arrested, as he was recently arrested in late March this year on the side of a highway as people reportedly saw him handcuffed on the side of the road.

According to sources, the cops raided his car searching for something, which hinted to police searching for drugs inside the rapper's car.

Twitter users suspect that his tiger got detained during his recent arrest but nothing is confirmed yet.

Is He In Jail Over Drugs?

The details of Trapboy Freddy's recent arrest are unclear as the authorities have yet to inform the media about the rapper's arrest. Still, he got arrested in the past over drug charges.

In late March of 2022, the cops put the rapper into custody after the cops found a weapon in his possession that was not legally obtained, along with possession of drugs.

The search on a highway caused Freddy's arrest with charges of unlawful possession of a weapon along with possession of drugs at the Kaufman County Jail.

However, the latest arrest of the rapper seems to be more severe as fans speculate that the arrest could be related to the death of another rapper named MO3.

Yeezy Beezy was also recently arrested allegedly for his fellow rapper's death. Fans quickly guessed the rapper's involvement, Trapboy Freddy, after he took to his Instagram to post stories about Yeezy going viral.

However, the investigations are still ongoing, and the investigators have not released further details regarding the case of the death of a fellow rapper of the arrested or the arrest of Freddy.

Where Is Trapboy Freddy From? Hometown Of The Arrested Rapper

American rapper Trapboy Freddy was born and raised in his hometown, Dallas, Texas, along with four other siblings. The young rapper had a terrible childhood in poverty, growing up in the streets.

As a young man, he was interested in music and rap but was too involved in being a part of a gang and getting in and out of jail to focus on rap as a career.

Freddy got serious about rap at the age of 21. He started to build a career with freestyle rap about his experience growing up in an environment surrounded by gangs, violence, and poverty.

Later the rapper refined his style of rap to contemporary rap and Southern rap, which got him an apparent size audience who loved his songs despite his problematic personality.

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