Tracy Walder CIA: Here Are Facts You Did Not Know About The Former FBI agent

Tracy Walder, who overcame the odds to forge distinguished careers at the CIA and the FBI
Tracy Walder, who overcame the odds to forge distinguished careers at the CIA and the FBI( Source : usc )

Tracy Walder is the former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent who shares her experience as a spy through a book.

She is the author of The Unexpected Spy, a memoir based on Tracy's memories, and shares her life experience of taking down some of the world's notorious terrorists.

Associated Press staff Jeff Rowe mentioned that the former CIA agent's book was more of a diary of her journeys rather than an exploration of decision-making at the summit level of government. Nevertheless, her books have sold several thousand copies, and audiences seem to enjoy her narration of the story.

Former CIA Officer - Who Is Tracy Walder?

Tracy Walder is one of few American women to serve in the Directorate of Operations at the Central Beauru of Investigation and as a Special Agent at the Federal Beaureo of Investigation. During her tenure, she has decorated herself with several awards and accolades.

Tracy Walder With  Fowler School of Engineering Program Administrative AssistantKate Gutierrez
Tracy Walder With Fowler School of Engineering Program Administrative AssistantKate Gutierrez ( Source : chapman )

During her work as a national spy, Walder got the opportunity to travel to several countries like Uzbekistan, Algeria, Denmark, England, Jordan, and many other countries, per Worthy Celebs.

Blau, a novelist, stated to Zac Crain of D Magazine during an interview that Tracy is 'brilliant,' but she does not know what she is fascinating.

The former American undercover agent stands at five feet and eight inches or 1.72 meters tall and weighs around 68 kilograms or 149 pounds.

Tracy Walder Age - When Did Former FBI Agent Start Her Career?

Tracy Walder was born in the 80s, but her exact birth date is unknown. However, many reliable sources on the internet claim she has already celebrated her 41st birthday.

She grew up in America with her parents, whose identities are still under the hood. As an agent who had terrorists for archnemesis, Walder hid her life details from the public radar and remains unknown until she reveals it.

Tracy, allegedly 41, is a member of the board of the organization Girl Security. She joined the board fifteen years after she left her career as an undercover government intelligence officer.

In 2000, Walder, an alumna of the University of Southern California, joined the CIA after encountering a CIA recruiting table at the university.

During her career as a CIA agent, Tracy gathered intel for the authorities under the Weapons of Mass Destruction office as a staff operations officer.

After leaving the CIA, she joined the FBI in May 2004. During her 14 months of work for an agency, Walder worked on the Chi Mak counterintelligence case.

She started teaching history at the Hockaday School in Dallas. Then, she decided to leave her 15 years of teaching career to become a member of Girl Security.

Tracy Walder Husband And Married Life

The former American CIA & FBI agent, Tracy Walder, is married and shares her life with her husband, Ben Walder, and a daughter. The couple tied the wedding knot in 2009, according to Internett.

Her husband is professionally an orthodontist. Tracy mentioned in a tweet that she is thankful to her life partner Ben, for being there for the family. He recently surprised their daughter with a turkey outfit during thanksgiving.

According to sources, the author and her husband, Ben, are blessed with an adorable daughter, Sarah Grace Walder. She is currently studying elementary education at Barfield Elementary School.

She has amassed several thousand followers on her Instagram account. She regularly uploads updates about her life events and activities that she spends time doing.

Tracy Walder Net Worth

According to various trustworthy sources, Tracy Walder's net worth is estimated to be $1-$5 million, which she made from her career as a national spy and book writer.

Taking data from CIA Agent Edu in reference, Tracy earned $50,000 to $60,000 in her starting career as a staff operations officer. Her earnings and bonuses rose with her rising career and exceptional performances.

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