We Are Obsessed With Tracy Tutor's Sunglasses On Million Dollar Listings, Here Is Where To Find Them

Tracy at the Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal in November
Tracy at the Waldorf Astoria Los Cabos Pedregal in November( Source : instagram )

Tracy Tutor made headlines for her aviator and round Gucci sunglasses worth $500 in Gucci stores. Tracy is known for her extravagant style on Million Dollar Listings.

The blonde-haired goddess is a heavy hitter in real estate, as Bravo channel hit a goldmine when casting her in the show.

Moreover, the fourteenth season of the hit program follows the lives of luxury real estate agents, including Josh Altman and Josh Flagg, with a heavy focus on them navigating through friendship while staying afloat in the shark-infested waters of business under the same agency. 

Tracy is one top agent at Douglas Elliman Beverly Hills, and her strong presence will shine even more in the upcoming episodes. 

Here Is Where To Find Tracy Tutor Sunglasses

Million Dollar Listings star Tracy Tutor wore Gucci sunglasses worth $500. Tracy wore Round-frame acetate sunglasses with a star.

The reality TV star has always gotten applauded in the fashion world, as she never leaves her home without a pair of shades. The treasure hunt has begun with many websites struggling to locate the item. 

In season 12, episode 4, she looked a million bucks in her round aviator glasses. The writer was on the edge of her seat, trying to score the same pair of goggles she had already searched for them on the internet and ordered a pair. 

The eyewear has a retro feel with a top bar and a bridge that gives it a chic look. The dimmed lenses blocked sunlight as the color blended well with her attire. A similar pair would cost an average person around three hundred back at the Saks store, while a cheaper alternative would retail at Michael Kors for 159 bucks. 

Tracy showing off her glasses collection at Beverly Hills, California in October
Tracy showing off her glasses collection at Beverly Hills, California in October ( Source : instagram )

Unfortunately, both stores have run out of stock as the original Saint Laurent glasses have gotten taken down from the market. 

Another well know glass is her Oversized Cat Eyeglasses in the Altman Versus Fredrik episodes of season 12. The Gucci Stars oversized embellished round-frame acetate glasses retailed for around five hundred dollars in the Gucci Store with monthly payment provisions for people tight on money.

You can find the glasses here.

Tracy's Overall Style And Where To Find Them

Real Estate agent turned reality star Tracy has been known for maintaining her style when serving her high-profile clients. 

To her, it's more than looking presentable, as a bold choice of clothes makes her feel strong. Bravo TV called her courageous selection of a sparkling gown with a thigh-high slit a next-level combination of bold, sexy, and chic.

She wowed the viewers at home and the camera when she stepped out wearing a Zara top, Rick Owens skirt, and Bottega Veneta belt. 

Even the camera operator gave her a head-to-toe once-over as the Versace leather stiletto sandals perfectly complemented the monochromatic look. Her castmate, Bobby Boyd, was first to praise her garments, saying she looked like a snack. But she was not ready to let go of the look and shared it with her thousands of followers on Instagram.

Tracy showing off her outfit on Million Dollar Listing in September 2021
Tracy showing off her outfit on Million Dollar Listing in September 2021( Source : instagram )

Tracy's styling has evolved over the years, as she adored wearing Johanna Ortiz in the 2021 season. She had a personal relationship with the designer, calling her a phenomenal artist. 

For the 14th season, she had a few rememberable outfits as she wore a ZEYNEP ARCAY Cutout stretch-jersey midi dress with a price tag of 890 dollars, accompanied by a Bottega Veneta Green The Chain Cassette bag costing three thousand bucks. She continued her collaboration with the ZEYNEP ARCAY and Bottega Venet when she wore other items from her collections for the rest of the episode.  

Besides, her choices depend on the day as she can rock a pair of sneakers and sweats just as same. Her emphasis is always on keeping it aesthetic while matching the occasion. 

Indeed, clothes are her playground, as she does not dress for the sake of others but according to the mood shifts. Her only goal is to feel confident in her skin, while looking good is just a bonus. 

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