What Happened To Tommy Cooper - How Did He Die? Comedian Death Video On Reddit

Tommy Cooper, a renowned comedian. ( Source : Theguardian )

Tommy Cooper is a Welsh-born comedian who died on stage and the video has been circulating again on Reddit. 

Cooper's presence as a performer was imposing and ponderous at 6 feet 3 inches, and he frequently donned a crimson fez. He first served for seven years in the British Army before honing his conjuring abilities and joining The Magic Circle.

Although he spent some time touring with his magic act, which focused on illusions that looked to "fail," he gained international notoriety when his career transitioned into television with shows for Thames Television and London Weekend Television.

Explore Tommy Cooper Death Video On Reddit: How Did The Comedian Die?

Tommy's terrible and well-known death occurred before a live television audience. The comedian appeared on the Live From Her Majesty's London Weekend Television program segment.

He sagged and fell to the floor on the stage of Her Majesty's Theatre in Westminster, London. Both the emcee and the audience initially believed it to be an act.

The audience laughed out loud, thinking it was all a comedy. He initially dropped to the ground and then sank back onto the stage curtains. The show's director, however, realized there was a serious problem & switched to an unexpected break.

Tommy was dragged from the curtains, and that backstage tried to resuscitate him. When he arrived at Westminster Hospital, he was already dead. Les Dennis & Dustin Gee were two of the next performers as the event went on, though.

Recently, the video of him performing on stage and collapsing right before he was rushed out of the stage has been circulating on Reddit and some fans have labeled the video "gruesome". The video has gone viral all over Reddit. 

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Who Was Tommy Cooper Wife And Children?

On February 24, 1947, Cooper wed Gwen Henty in Nicosia, Cyprus. 2002 saw her passing. They had two kids: Victoria and Thomas, who was born in 1956, went on to become an actor under the name Thomas Henty and passed away in 1988.

Cooper also had a romantic involvement with his personal assistant Mary Fieldhouse from 1967 until his passing; she discussed it in her book, For the Love of Tommy (1986).

Channel 5 aired the documentary Tommy Cooper: In His Own Words on Christmas Day 2018. Vicky Cooper, Cooper's daughter, appeared on the program after forgoing interviews for years "because of the sadness."

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Tommy Cooper Career And Bio Explored

Tommy's humorous quips about props and magicians helped him become well-known. He was a skilled magician and a member of The Magic Circle. But it was his humorous act of 'failed' magic tricks that made him famous.

He served in the military as well. According to legend, his magic acts that failed in front of his fellow soldiers were the ones that garnered the greatest laughter. While according to another tale, his trick failed at a post-World War II audition.

However, the panel was in convulsions and declared it should be his act. In contrast, his performance on the BBC talent program New To You in 1948 was well received by the audience. This led to a 40-year career on television where he repeatedly performed his misfired magic routine.

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