What Is TJ Cox Net Worth In 2022? FBI Arrest Congress Rep Over Fraud and Money Laundering

Former Congress member, TJ Cox arrested by FBI over fraud charges
Former Congress member, TJ Cox arrested by FBI over fraud charges( Source : kget )

American politician TJ Cox, the former US representative for California's 21 congressional districts, got arrested by the FBI with charges of fraud and money laundering on August 16.

The Democratic party member has been in many financial controversies dating back to 2016 with the IRS for unpaid taxes and more disputes during his elections.

No one from the party has made any claims or addressed the charges against their fellow party member while the news spreads like wildfire on social media.

What Is TJ Cox's Net Worth In 2022?

TJ Cox has a net worth of $ 4 million from his career as a politician and a businessman. Born in California in Walnut Creek, the politician earned himself a master's in Business Administration and started his own business.

Cox has two companies that process nuts while also being involved in an enterprise dealing with community development. During his congressional elections, he was in heat for not disclosing his tax from his business.

With the success of his enterprises, he is one of the wealthiest politicians in California. Still, he is also one of the most controversial democrat politicians regarding his finances.

FBI Arrest And Fraud Charges Against TJ Cox

The FBI finally arrested the democrat politician, TJ Cox, on accounts of multiple fraud charges, money laundering charges, and election campaign contribution fraud.

Cox had 15 counts of wire fraud against him, 11 counts of money laundering, and one of financial institution fraud. The list does not end as he also got charged with one count of campaign contribution funds.


According to reports, the fraud and laundering charges can lead to up to 20 years in prison for the former US representative for California's 21 congressional districts with an additional fine of $250000.

The Department of Justice revealed that he could also face 30 years in prison with a fine of $1 million for the wire fraud against the financial institution.

How Much Money Did He Launder?

Apart from his net earnings from his jobs, TJ Cox enjoyed the lavish lifestyle of laundering money from multiple companies worth millions.

According to the Department of Justice reports, the politician illegally diverted over $1.7 million from client payments, investments, and company loans.

TJ transferred the amount to unauthorized bank accounts that were off the record and scammed clients and companies with fake promises to transfer money into the off-record bank account.


Cox also faked many bank documents and statements to acquire a mortgage loan from a lender claiming to buy the property for his housing but later renting it to someone else.

The businessman also got accused of laundering campaign funding during his campaign in 2020 and 2022, for which the court charged him with one count of campaign contribution fraud.

TJ Cox's Salary As A Member Of Congress

TJ Cox's salary as a member of the Congressional district ranged from $190,000 to $284,928 in California based on Comparably. Apart from his earnings as a member of Congress, the politician was also actively involved in his business ventures.


Even during his time in Congress, he was constantly getting wrapped up in financial controversies of unpaid taxes to the IRS, unpaid wages to his employees, and failure to disclose business interests.

His tax fraud and money laundering schemes started early in 2013 as his off-the-record bank accounts hold statements dating back almost two years with wiring fraud and money laundering.

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